Donate To MAKNA While I Blog Non-Stop For 24 Hours

I’ve been approved for Blogathon 2007. I’ve pledge my time to blog for 24 hours non-stop for charity. I’ll be updating my blog every 30 minutes with a total of 49 posts. The charity I’ll be blogging for is MAKNA.

Kindly pledge your support for this charity drive by donating. All funds will go directly to MAKNA. Neither nor I will ever handle the funds.

For more details on this, read this post.

Help me help MAKNA.

I Have Finally Done It! WooHoo!!!

(Read this post with an open mind)

There is something that I have always wanted to do. There are pros and cons to it. I was advised not to do it. However, there was a “tiny voice” in me saying, “Just do it!”.

Anyway, I am extremely happy to announce that, “I have finally done it! WooHoo!!!”

UPDATE: On second thoughts, did I make a mistake? Was I ready for it? Will I regret it few months later?


The process of doing it was great. I felt anxious and excited all the way through it. It was like going through the great “unknown”.

At the end of it, it felt great. I did feel proud of what I have done — in a way. Come to think of it, I guess I should encourage others to do it as well. Since it cost me only RM40 to do it. Not to forget the RM15 “feature” that I purchased to allow me to do it.

Great bargain.

My First Attempt On Macro Shot Photos

I have always liked photography, in a way. The thought of holding a bulky camera and gears that weighs a tonne is “orgasmic” a wonderful feeling. I remember the process of choosing my first digital camera a few years ago. I had two camera choices — Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7 and Panasonic DMC-FZ3. There was another model Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 (if I’m not mistaken) which felt a lot more “natural” in my hand but the price tag was a drawback. It is almost RM1,000 more expensive than the other two.

My dad recommended me the FX7 because it’s smaller and easier to carry around. However, the thought of a 12 times optical zoom and “big” (sort of more professional looking) camera, was just too hard to resist. I ended up purchasing the FZ3.

I have to admit there were times when I regretted and thought that I should have gone for the smaller, slimmer FX7 instead. For instance, during my convocation where most of my friends carried their cameras in their trousers or shirt pockets while I couldn’t bring mine along. Carrying my FZ3 under my “robe” might look like I had an AK-47 hidden beneath it. However, I still love my FZ3. It is my “first love”, isn’t it?

Below are 2 photos I took in my “mini-garden” yesterday evening. It was in the evening, and it just started to rain. Therefore the lighting isn’t enough. My camera must be 3 years old or so. The air was cloudy. Blah-blah-blah. OKOK, those are just excuses for my amateur looking “macro shots”.

Big red flower

I resized the photos without any editing. The flower above is quite nice. Look at the background on the right and you will see how it grows from a tiny “dot” to a big flower on the left.

Tiny white flower

This one looks like “seeds”. When the flower “blooms”, it is tiny and white.

So, how can I improve? Is there still hope in me? This is the first time I am posting my photos. So be gentle when you comment. Or else… 👿 Hahhaha.

An Unpleasant Trip To KL

I haven’t been updating my blog this two days because I went over to KL. My gf has finished her studies so she was moving out. Of course, I was there to help her move her things. After we cleared her stuffs, her housemate joked that she must have shifted half of the house’s content out. Not to mention the amount of shoes she had.

I really have no idea why girls own so many pairs of shoes. One pair for each dress/outfit? I doubt that some of the shoes were worn more than once before. A pair of sport shoes, a pair of leather shoes, and a pair of slippers would have kept me happy for a year (or more — until they’re unwearable).

What bothered me on this trip was my unpleasant experience in the Putra LRT train on the day I arrived. It was around 5.30pm and everyone was rushing back from work. The train was packed like sardine. It even smelled like one too. Then, an “uncle” came on board in one of the stops. I was standing beside the door in a corner and he ended up standing in front of me. As the train moved, he started leaning his back against me. I guess he must have thought he was leaning against the metal bar beside where I was standing. However, it wouldn’t be realistic to compare the “hardness” of the metal bar with my chest 😉

Anyway, more people went down on the next stop. I felt relieved because I thought there is now enough space for him to move away. The door closed, the train started moving, but the man was still leaning against my chest. I was like, “What the …“. I believe the others watching must be feeling weird. Maybe he didn’t notice me behind him, so I started giving signals by coughing, “AHEM!“. He didn’t move. I didn’t want to nudge him because that will make me look disrespectful.

By then I was quite furious. To make things worse, he started sweating! Of all places, his back is starting to sweat and I can feel the “wetness” on my chest. I didn’t move because I believe I have the rights to be there, since I was there first. In the past whenever I have a seat on the train, I would give my seat to those who need it (old, pregnant, disabled, etc) out of courtesy. However, I didn’t even budge for this “uncle” because he was plain RUDE!

The next stop came, I was glad that he went down. I couldn’t imagine being in that situation for another stop.