Niamah! WTF Is This?

I was scanning through my blog stats yesterday and noticed a new referral link from

Illegal linking from another blog

I was quite happy at first thinking that one of my posts could have been selected and shared due to its usefulness. When I clicked on the link, I saw the screen below.

Screenshot showing computerhelp linking to my post

I thought there was a mistake so I refreshed the page. The same blog (which is mine) came up. How in the world did this happen? Why the link above connects to my guide on how to remove the skype virus? I checked the source code of the website and it looks like the owner used frames to embed my post into their website.

Well, at least they did not steal my content by ripping it off and posting it up as theirs. However, does this consider as “stealing”? It does confuse others into thinking that the URL above is somehow related to my blog. Bah. It is not like my blog is famous. Why mess with my blog?

103bees: How To Make F Streamyx Faster

I have been using to track my blog’s stats for a month or two now. Although I do not fully utilize its features, I do enjoy occasionally checking out what others are searching for that ended up on my blogs. I checked it again a while ago and saw the information displayed in the screenshot below.

How to make F Streamyx faster?

I really shouldn’t be surprised. Are you surprised? I wonder when TM Net will upgrade their Streamyx broadband to something more presentable. I do hope that WiMAX’s launch in middle of 2008 will finally see some improvement in the broadband service in Malaysia. I do not dare to put too much hope in it though. Someone might just search for “How to make F WiMAX faster?” and land on one of my posts in the future!

RM99 Streamyx SOHO 1.0Mbps Special Package

The normal rate for Streamyx SOHO 1.0Mbps package is RM148 per month. TM Net announced a discount on this package last month and reduced it to RM99 per month. There was no other information stated in the newspaper advertisement that I read. After going to TM Net’s Clickers today, I learnt that there was a catch to the promotion.

The RM99 per month fee is only for the first 3 months of subscription. For the following 9 months, the fee will be increased to RM120 per month (although it is still cheaper than the original RM148 per month). On the 13th month onwards, the subscriber will be charged the original price of RM148 per month.

There is more to it! Instead of the usual 12 months contract, you need to sign an 18 months deal for this “special package”. This promotion ends on 15th October 2007.

Buy An Extra Monitor To Increase Productivity

Jeremy Zawodny shared that having a large monitor makes a person more productive. He quoted a text from The New York Times where Microsoft conducted a study and concluded that human productivity increased between 10 to 44 percent when using a bigger screen. Back then, the standard monitor size a computer user was using is a 14 or 15 inch monitor. At this point of time, anything smaller than a 17 inch monitor can be considered unacceptable.

Buying a bigger monitor (e.g. a 24 inch LCD) will definitely increase productivity of the user compared to using a 17 inch for example. However, the disadvantage is that larger LCD monitors are a lot more expensive. Therefore, an alternative some people turn to is to use two (or more) monitors instead. You can buy two 19 inch LCD monitors and it would cost less than buying a 24 inch LCD.

Why I Need Two Monitors

The screenshot above shows exactly why I need an extra monitor. I am constantly monitoring for available opps while I am blogging or surfing the web. If I had two monitors, I could use one monitor to monitor my opps while another for other stuffs. I’m definitely getting myself an extra monitor in the future — when I have successfully made enough money online.

Are you currently using more than one monitor? Mind to share your thoughts and/or experience?