Withdraw PayPal Twice Successful

I got my Public Bank Visa Electron card early this month. The first thing that came into my mind was to withdraw my PayPal funds immediately. Just when I was about to withdraw my PayPal funds, I notice that my name printed on the screen (full name) doesn’t match the name printed on my debit card (partial name).

PayPal expanded number required

I looked for an option in the system to edit my name printed on the screen to reflect the one in my card. There isn’t such an option but I found something else instead. I noticed the phrase, “Expanded Use Number needed” for my debit card. I was worried that my withdrawal will be rejected if I do not complete the expanded use option first. That is why I postponed my withdrawal later.

A few days later, Joyce mentioned that her PayPal withdrawal was successful even without completing the Expanded Use process. That is when I immediately made my withdrawal.

I applied for Public Bank E-banking service and opened a savings account. That way, my e-banking application can be approved immediately. I was told that applying for the e-banking service for the debit card only may take weeks to complete. Anyway, the advantage of connecting the savings account and the debit card is that I can transfer funds from the savings account to the debit card (and vice versa) easily. To top it up, it is free of charge.

Withdraw PayPal Funds Into Debit Card Successful

To date, I have made two withdrawals from PayPal successfully. The first withdrawal was on the 12th November and the second one five days later. Both transactions were approved without any problems.

PayPal withdraw successful

The conversion rate for the first withdrawal is 3.3068. That is very low. The conversion rate for the second withdrawal is 3.3285. The difference is about RM10.

Public Bank ebanking statement shows PayPal funds received

Withdraw $500 Or Not To Withdraw?

Earlier, I read some concerns about withdrawing big amounts with a new debit card from PayPal. The advice given was to withdraw small amounts first and to make some transactions with the debit card before withdrawing. In my case, I made two big withdrawals without any problem.

However, as Hongkiat puts it, getting your PayPal account limited is like having chicken pox. You are sure to get it. Therefore, do not allow it to disturb you too much. Just withdraw your funds like how you would like to do it. It is advisable to withdraw a maximum of $500 each time (or as much as you have) to save on the $5 transaction fees incurred for each withdrawal. $5 is about RM17. Think about it.

Public Bank Debit Card Arrived And $500 Withdrawal

This is a really late update. Last Thursday (1st November), I received a sorry note from PosLaju. The only thing I was expecting to receive is my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. Since my debit card application was only processed a week ago, I wasn’t too optimistic about it. However, I was hoping that it was my debit card waiting for me.

I quickly drove to the PosLaju office to pickup my letter. I was delighted to receive an envelope with the words “Public Bank Berhad” printed below my address. I knew it must be my debit card in it.

Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

So, it does take about seven working days to get a Public Bank debit card approved. Well, it is true if you do not include the time your application sit helplessly in a corner in the Public Bank office waiting to be picked up and processed.

Anyway, I tried to add my new visa debit card into my PayPal account. Unfortunately, I was hit by an error message indicating that I couldn’t add the card into the system. I was furious and disappointed. I got the error message below.

This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

I tried searching for a solution at Google and found LiewCF’s article on his Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. That was when I realized that I had to transfer more than the initial RM25 into my debit card because PayPal will charge a small fee (about US$1) to add my debit card.

I immediately rushed to a nearby Public Bank to bank in RM50 into the card using the cash deposit machine. If you would like to transfer funds into your debit card through a cash deposit machine, remember to select the option “Credit Card Payment”. Insert your debit card number and check to make sure it is your name on the screen.

After transferring the money, I went home and tried to add my Public Bank debit card into PayPal again. This time, it worked. I can now start to withdraw my hard earned PayPal funds and touch real cash.

I have read some others advising us not to immediately withdraw a large sum of money or else PayPal may become suspicious and put our accounts on hold. After considering this matter for a while, I decided to withdraw the maximum allowed (US$500) instead. If PayPal does put my account on hold, I guess I will just have to go through the trouble to verify myself by sending in some documents. I am willing to take the risk rather than waste $5 for every extra transaction that I will do by making smaller withdrawals.

I wonder if anyone else has made a large withdrawal (eg $500) from PayPal successfully without raising the alarm. Have you?

I will be making the withdrawal right after this. Wish me luck!

Public Bank Debit Card Application Processing

I called Public Bank’s customer care centre and found out that my application is finally entered into their system. I sent the application form using express courier on the 10/10/2007 and they received it on 11/10/2007. This is confirmed after checking the courier company’s tracking system. However, my application was entered into their system only on 24/10/2007.

That is almost two weeks! To be fair, there were a few days of holiday and a weekend in between but still, that is quite long. I asked him how long it will take before my debit card can be approved. He told me it would take another two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

I immediately told the guy I need my application to be processed urgently. Unfortunately, I was told to call during office hours when the credit card department is open. Too bad. I guess I just need to call them tomorrow morning and hopefully there won’t be any other problems.

Cannot Withdraw PayPal From Al Rahji Debit Card

UPDATE: There are reports of successful withdrawal using Al Rahji debit card. The only “problem” is that the conversion rate seems to be a little lower than the others. I wonder if they offer a lower rate or the rate was lower at the time when others withdrew the money.


Just when I had given up waiting for my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card and wanted to give Al Rahji Bank a try, KennyP alerted me that Jimmy’s attempt to withdraw PayPal funds into his Al Rahji debit card has failed.

Does this mean that the only debit card that currently works with PayPal is Public Bank’s Visa Electron debit card? I guess that’s why Public Bank could be slightly arrogant when it comes to debit card applications. They are the only one that works. Take it or leave it.

In my case, I have no other choice but to wait patiently for them to process my application. One of the reasons I need to debit card ASAP is so that I have some time in case they limit access to my account and need me to fax over my documents.

[Via KennyP]

Al Rahji Debit Card And PayPal

The entire blogosphere or at least among those who make money online blogging got excited when PayPal announced that they allow PayPal withdrawal into some credit and debit cards. Everyone started trying their available credit and debit cards to see if they worked. Those that failed started looking forward to applying a new card.

For an almost complete and growing list of credit cards and debit cards that either does or does not work with PayPal, check out Steven Wong’s blog.

Earlier, I had a choice between Public Bank Visa Electron debit card and Al Rahji debit card. I chose the former thinking that Public Bank must be more established. Another reason although unimportant is that I felt that their debit cards look a lot nicer than Al Rahji’s.

Anyway, my Public Bank debit card application seems to be taking forever! The nice gentleman that spoke to me the first day sounded really helpful and gave me the optimism that Public Bank is the right choice. However, the consequent calls are nothing close.

It is no secret that the service provided by Public Bank sucks. Just read the two posts below to find out why.

Despite sending my application personally using express courier service to Public Bank’s HQ, my application isn’t even entered into the system yet. I have no choice but to try out Al Rahji. They do not have a bank in my area so I called up their customer service to ask if I can apply through postal. Unfortunately, it is not possible. All application needs to be done in their office. I might make a trip down to KL next week or so to get it done.

Things I learned about Al Rahji from customer service

  1. You will get an ATM card when you apply for the savings account. This ATM card can be used as a debit card to receive funds and make online payment.
  2. The logo on their card is a Visa Plus sign. The lady told me that Al Rahji currently has no link with any other banks. Therefore, all withdrawal of money from other bank’s ATM machines will be charged RM10. The RM10 charge is for the Visa Plus charges.
  3. When your Al Rahji debit card is credited with cash, it goes straight into your savings account. Therefore, you do not need to manually transfer it “out from your debit card”.
  4. Al Rahji has sweet-voiced lady customer service personnel, unlike Public Bank. Pfffff.