I’ve got ads, baby!! WooHoo!!!

This “WooHoo!!!” is not the same WooHoo that you get from the game “The Sims”. Even though, I don’t mind getting one. 😉 Anyway, it is a shout for joy. Dude, check out my “hand–job” (pun intended) below.

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

I’ve got ads, baby!! WooHoo!!! This is my first ad campaign from Nuffnang. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this “Kurnia Insurance” ad campaign is going on for its second (or third) week in a row. I guess that is because the advertiser is happy with the exposure and ROI they get from advertising with Nuffnang. Either that, or they have budgeted “a few weeks campaign” with Nuffnang from the beginning which is better! That shows they have confidence in Nuffnang.

I’ll do a brief “preview” on this ad for now. I’ll provide detailed information in a few days time. The ad reads:

Medical Insurance for as low as 52 CENTS PER DAY!

Now everyone can afford Medical Insurance!

For an exclusive 10% discount e-mail josephlim [AT] kurnia.com and quote “NUFFNANG

Quoting from Wikipedia: Medical insurance “is a type of insurance whereby the insurer pays the medical costs of the insured if the insured becomes sick due to covered causes, or due to accidents.

That means by buying this insurance from Kurnia Insurance, if you so happen to “land in” a hospital one day, they will pay for your medical bills (subject to “covered causes”). *Touch wood* There are things in life that we cannot predict — health issues being one of them. We are not immune to diseases or accidents (major or minor). *TOUCH WOOD!!!*

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now. Send an e-mail to josephlim [AT] kurnia.com and quote “NUFFNANG” to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount! That is only 46.8 cents a day! That is even cheaper than a cup of teh tarik or a “yao cha kuai“. GO!! GO!! GO!! (Counterstrike style)

For those of you who have a blog but haven’t signed up with Nuffnang yet, you should register an account and start earning today! Not too long later, I’m sure it will be your turn to shout, “WooHoo!!!

Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang?

I noticed a couple of changes that Advertlets made to their system and policy. Those that is worth mentioning are:

1. Minimum unique visitors per day decreased from 100 to 50.
2. Demographics Poll needed decreased from 100 to 50.
3. Mimimum payout amount decreased from RM200 to RM100.

You can get the above information from this post in their blog. At the bottom of the same post, they quoted a sentence from Cikgu Azleen’s blog:

CikguAzleen also mengatakan bahawa Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka.

I went over to Cikgu Azleen’s post and found that there were more things Cikgu said that wasn’t quoted (that I found amusing). Here’s the “full version” of it:


Pada hari yang sama jugak, Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka. Requirement yang baru adalah:

  1. Jumlah pelawat unik ke blog anda: 100 50
  2. Jumlah poll demografik dari blog anda: 100 50
  3. Jumlah bayaran minimum yang boleh dikeluarkan: RM200 RM100

Lebih baik kan? 50% diskaun! Hahahaa.. Saya rasa mereka terpaksa mengubahsuai requirement ni kerana terdapat saingan daripada syarikat yang satu lagi tuh. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. Saya tidak akan memberitahu anda dalam posting ini siapa saingan mereka, kerana anda sendiri tahu dan faham bahawa sekarang ini hanya ada dua syarikat pengiklanan blog dari Malaysia.


I’ll translate the last paragraph into English:

That’s better, right? 50% discount! Hahahaa.. I think they are forced to modify this requirement because there is competition from the other company. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. I won’t tell you in this post who their competitor is, because you should know that there are only two blog advertising companies from Malaysia.

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang posted up The Nuffnang Community’s Reach and Coverage with pretty impressive figures — to say the least. They mentioned that they “serve out approximately 21,180,000 ad impressions” in a month. Compare that with the 1,800,000 impressions Advertlets have. That shows Nuffnang has almost 12 times more ad impressions to sell and may I add, 12 times stronger.

(Note: At the time of writing, the “Monthly Impressions Available For Advertising” counter on Advertlets system is not functioning. The figure 1,800,000 is what I think the last number I saw — I may be wrong. I’ll update the figure once the counter starts to work again.)

I guess it’s true that Nuffnang’s strategy to include the long tail of bloggers has really paid off. This is apparent especially when Advertlets are starting to reduce their requirements by HALF of what they used to be. From my perspective, Nuffnang is way in the lead. Advertlets would have to play catch up before Nuffnang disappears ahead.

Oh, have I mentioned that Nuffnang is now officially multinational?

Why is the rum gone?

Eh, eh, eh, how can I miss this opportunity? I have read a few blogs posting up for this competition already. I cannot be left out. Especially when a ticket to the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Opening Night is on the line. Come to think of it, I only remember watching the first “episode”. There is a third one out already? 🙄

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3

Note: Picture grabbed from Nuffnang’s website and edited WITHOUT permission. 😈

As usual, Nuffnang never fails to impress me. This is the first community event that Nuffnang is organizing. And mind you, they are planning to make it BIG, real BIG. Just exactly how big, you may ask? It is possibly the largest blogger gathering ever held in the history of Malaysia. They are doing that by booking an entire cinema hall at Cineleisure.

What caught my attention next was their “Best Dressed Pirate Contest”. Those who are going to the movie are supposed to dress up like pirates. The best dressed pirate will win a 3 days 2 nights trip for 2 to Singapore! WOW! If that is not enough, they promised to cover all transportation expenses to Singapore and from your town as well! Make that a business class MAS ticket, can?

I really want to win the trip to Singapore. However, to be eligible for that trip, I will need to beat the other 249 “Nuffnanger-pirates” lookalike — all dressed up to be the best looking pirate. Hey, I already look like a pirate even in daily clothes. If I were to dress up like a pirate, the guards will stop me even before I step into the complex! So for heaven’s sakes, just pass me the winning ballot, can? :mrgreen:

TenthOfMarch Reviews Nuffnang From The Inside (Part Two)

Part two is finally ready! In the first part of my review on Nuffnang from the inside, I mentioned that I found bugs in their system. On the next day, I immediately fired up an e-mail to notify Timothy from Nuffnang about some of my findings and waited for his reply. To get a clearer meaning of a computer bug, I am quoting the definition of a computer software bug from wikipedia.

“A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from behaving as intended (e.g., producing an incorrect result).”

The “bug” I found is that the system is actually tracking my (the nuffnang member’s) own visits. Now before I continue, I would like to mention that this is quite a “subjective bug“. As wikipedia puts it, a bug is only considered a bug when it prevents the system from behaving as intended thus producing an incorrect result. Therefore, it is not a bug if that is how Nuffnang planned to have the tracker to work. However, I personally feel that the tracker should not track my (the nuffnang member’s) own visits. The reason being some members may manipulate their unique visitors and hits a day by visiting their own blog.

Timothy replied:
We actually have the ability to NOT count your own unique visits but we don’t implement that for a few reasons. The most important of all is, since we charge advertisers and pay bloggers based on their unique visits, it would not particularly be fair to exclude the blogger’s own visit from there. After all, when an advertiser placed an ad on your blog, you of all people will be the first to notice the ad, so why shouldn’t the advertiser pay for the ad that’s served to you?

Secondly, you will find that we have taken great pains to build a very sophisticated counter. Unlike many statcounters out there, we have a 2-factor authentication way of tracking not only by cookies but also based on other information we get from users anything from Screen Resolution to even Geographic area in Malaysia.

Timothy went on to explain in detail on how their tracking system works and how it would prevent members from manipulating the statistics. This part of the explanation is not disclosed to protect their privacy. However, what I can tell the users are, forget about trying to manipulate your unique visitor statistics because it probably won’t work. As for Nuffnang’s current and future advertisers, rest assured that your money is well spent on legitimate visitors.


Next, clicking on the hot blogger model brings me to the blogger login page. I notice a ‘minor feature’ that was missing. Forcing me to click on the textfield before typing is a big pain-in-the-wrist and can get a bit frustrating sometimes. It is almost like an unwritten rule that a page should automatically focus on the textfield upon load. Gmail, Google, Friendster, Dictionary.com, Youtube and others does it. Why don’t you?

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Focus the cursor on the e-mail textfield once the page is loaded.


Nuffnang’s Blogger ModelAfter logging into the system, it was an immediate disappointment. Nevermind the simple looking interface, where did my blogger model go? I had this mental picture that she would be ‘escorting’ me into my admin area, while showing me different posses as I go through the different menus. However, it did not happen … it did not happen. *shakes-head-in-full-disappointment*

TenthOfMarch recommends:
You should … ahhh, nevermind. It’s not like you will do it anyway.


I notice an inconsistency with their logos. Sometimes the stickman looks ‘taller’. Sometimes the logo fonts look bigger. Sometimes there are bigger white spaces between the lines. Sometimes there is a trademark (TM) sign. Sometimes the stickman is on the left, sometimes it is on the right and sometimes it disappears (member admin area).

Inconsistent logos

TenthOfMarch recommends:
I think it is part of a branding practice that you should have consistency in your logos. Unless your plan is that your stickman gets to ‘run around as he wishes’, I suggest creating a finalized design and stick to it.


Time to find a banner for my blog. There are three types of banners up for offer — Leaderboard (728 x 90), Large Rectangle (336 X 280) and Skyscraper (160 X 900). What baffled me was whether the earnings for the three banners are different (eg. Leaderboard banner earns more than Large Rectangle). There was no indication that you earn more or less by using a particular banner. So I guess it’s the same for all three?

Anyway, I was planning on putting a banner in one of my sidebars. Since I have two sidebars, I guess it won’t interrupt my blog navigations much. However, I almost had a heart attack when I saw their skyscraper banner. It is 900-pixel tall! Then I realized a note that says, “Shrinks to one unit if ad slots not used“. That is about 200-300 pixels per slot, small enough. Come to think of it, I don’t mind having 3 advertisers using up the whole 900-pixels. I DO GET PAID 3 times more, don’t I?


After clicking on the “Finished” button at the “Add ads” page, I notice a ‘strange number’ at the top left of the page. “805“. Damn, if it had 4 digits I would have bought TOTO already.

Strange number on the top left

Timothy replied:
We put it there sometimes when we’re running tests on our system. It’s not a bug, just something that helps us keep track of things when we’re running tests.

Should have guessed so. I remember myself doing that quite often — printing outputs on the screen just to check if some results are correct. Come to think about it, that could be the number of bloggers that has already signed up with them. What do you think?


I don’t like the way their navigation menu works. When you click on a menu, “Analytics” for example, there is no indication that the “Analytics” menu is selected. I guess they try to compensate it by including the ‘menu-selected’ in the submenu. Although the ‘menu-selected’ in the submenu is not clickable, it is confusing and WEIRD!
Redundant Submenu

TenthOfMarch recommends:
Highlight the menu when it is selected. You can use the same colour as the one that appears when the mouse moves over it.


It takes forever to load the “Came From” and “Keywords” page from the “Analytics” menu. Why does it take such a long time? It reminded me of days surfing porn the Internet with a dialup. It is not a good user experience.

Timothy replied:
It’s slow because we have sooo many queries coming in at the same time it’s ridiculous. Yet, we’re working on optimizing our script on that end, you should feel the changes within the next couple of weeks. We’re also about to Ajax the analytics part which might make the experience a little more pleasant for our bloggers.

UPDATE: The guys at Nuffnang must have done some modifications to the code because the pages are loading a lot faster now.


In the “Came From” page, why is the list of referrals truncated?

Timothy replied:
When we first launched we had the full line of referrals but it was causing a bit of complication so we have since truncated. The solution to that problem is not difficult but we’ve decided to prioritize on things that are more important e.g. the optimizing of our code.

UPDATE: Modified.


To summarize:
Overall, the interface of the system is simple. However, the most important thing is to get the ball rolling. Their system works and delivers all the necessary functions. They are already in their 3rd (?) week of advertisement campaign. A few advertisers have already invested in them. Their advertisers’ banners have been displayed in hundreds of blogs to date. And most importantly, a big group of bloggers has already started earning money! I’m kicking myself regretting not to have joined them earlier. Or else, I would have probably made a few ringgits by now. It could have been a lot more, who knows?

Nuffnang With A Brand New Look!

Tim did mention that they were working on a new look for Nuffnang. It took me by surprise when I saw their spanking new look. All I can say was, “WOW!! OMG!! NO WAY!!“. Haha! Those three words repeatedly came out from my mouth as I browse through their website.

Nuffnang Brand New Look

You have to check out their Login screen. I had a little problem finding the ‘login’ link at first. I was clicking on both the models…ALL OVER. 😉 But I guess the login link works differently now. It is located on the top right now. After clicking on it, “WOW WOW!!! NO WAY, WOW!!“.

Nuffnang Login Link

Now, that is truly a Web 2.0 feature, isn’t it? Finally we have a picture of the two founders of Nuffnang on their website!

About Nuffnang

Nuffnang will even sponsor blog related events! Wow! Can I organize one, please please please? :mrgreen:

Nuffnang Sponsorship For Blog Related Events

Now I am sure this is a slap in the face to the guys at Advertlets.

Something That Nuffnang Has And Advertlets Don’t

We have read so much about what Advertlets claim they have, that Nuffnang don’t. How they will boast about their state-of-the-art polls, Web 2.0 GRADIENT LOGO, how their logo seems more friendly, how their polls are customizable, etc etc etc. However, I can’t help but to notice something that Nuffnang HAS, that Advertlets DON’T — a “Featured Advertiser of the Month“. Need I say more? 😈