I Just Requested For My First Nuffnang Check

After putting up Nuffnang banners in both my blogs for a few months, I am now able to request for a check. Let’s see if Nuffnang really pays cash, eh? 😉 It is not much but will still contribute to my Nikon D40x fund. Yipeee!

First time requesting a check from Nuffnang

I am now starting to enjoy the efforts that I put into blogging. Checks are coming in. PayPal is getting fatter. The only problem would be to cash out from PayPal. My sister is studying in NZ now, so I think I will be cashing out through her. After analyzing all my options, I think this is the safest, fastest and cheapest way for me to cash it out. I am still looking into the E*Trade option though but that won’t be anytime soon.

Nuffnang Abolish Minimum Traffic Requirements

Nuffnang started serving CPC ads for over two months now. There are mixed reactions over this move. Some complaint that it caused their earnings to drop significantly, while a small percentage approved the move. I was one of those who thought it worked quite well for bloggers with lower daily visitors.

Previously, bloggers are required to have at least 20 unique visitors a day to qualify for their ad programs. After gathering their publisher’s feedback, Nuffnang has decided to abolish their minimum traffic requirement. They conducted a study on the feedback and noticed that bloggers with very little visitors a day benefited more from the CPC ads while those with more suffered.

Based on the study, they tweaked the system to only display CPC network-wide campaigns to publishers who has less than 20 visitors a day. Meanwhile, the Cost Per Unique Visitors campaign will be served to publishers with more than 20 visitors a day.

A Sneak Peak Of The New Nuffnang 2.0

Nuffnang revealed their new logo and Nuffnang 2.0 at the recent Nuffnang Singapore’s First Community event that was held in conjunction with Singapore’s National Day. So, what’s new in Nuffnang 2.0?

They have a new logo. Mr old non-web-2.0 stickman has a make over! For some reason, they’ve decided to break the stickman in two (bottom half gone). And yes, they have gradients now. *hinting to someone*

New Nuffnang 2.0 Logo

The whole front page gets a good make over as well. Can’t see much from the screenshot below though. Shit! Where the hell did my the two girls go!?!?!?

Preview New Nuffnang 2.0 homepage

Anyway, enjoy the presentation below. I have no idea where it came from though. I wonder when they’ll launch the new Nuffnang 2.0. I can’t wait to see the inside.

Nuffnang Second Movie Ticket Giveaway

Nuffnang has just announced their second movie ticket giveaway to watch Ratatouille 2 days ago. The first ticket giveaway was for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3 about 2 months ago. This time around, there are 75 tickets to be given away. Due to the limited amount of tickets available, priority will be given to exclusive Nuffnang (not registered with Advertlets) publishers first.

Each blogger will be given 2 tickets. Therefore, it is possible to bring a friend along. It’s been two days now and I’m not sure if there are any tickets left. If you would like to get your tickets, send an email to cynthia.lim [@] nuffnang [.] com.

I’ll skip this opportunity because I’m hoping to get one seat if Nuffnang decides to organize a karting event in the future 😉

Nuffnang, Hotlink And Sony Ericsson W660i

Hotlink is currently having a Harajuku Doll Contest. Nuffnang has teamed up with them and came up with a special prize just for Nuffnangers — a brand new Sony Ericsson W660i. All you need to do is to “dress up” your Harajuku Dolls and get people to vote for you.

Step 1: Register an account at the Harajuku Doll Contest page.

Step 2: Select the mood of your doll — buzzin’, spaced, flirty, emo or chilled
Select the mood for your Harajuku Doll

Step 3: Select the clothes, appearance and background for your Harajuku Doll.

Select the clothes for your Harajuku Doll

Step 4: Save you Harajuku Doll and post it up your blog. Get your readers to vote for you.

Post your Harajuku Doll and Vote

Step 5: Send an email to Nuffnang at harajuku[at]nuffnang.com.my together with the link of your post.

Here’s my Harajuku Doll. I know I’m fashion-blind so please forgive the eye-sore.

10/3's Harajuku Doll