Scrollovers Makes Your Links Stand Out

Links. You have probably seen thousands of it. If of any chances that you have not, here is a link to this technology blog, another to my personal blog and another to my first blogspot blog.

The usual method a webmaster or a blogger formats their links are by changing its font colour, background colour or underline. Therefore, all the links pretty much works the same way. If you are interested in checking out a different type of link, here is something interesting for you.

Scrollovers is an easy way to give your website that distinct identity over the rest the websites on the Internet. Scrollovers is built on standard HTML, Javascript and CSS. Therefore, integrating it into any websites will be easy.

Scrollovers has been tested and works perfectly on these browsers:

  • Firefox 2.0
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Safari 3 (Windows)
  • Opera 9

Hop over to Scrollovers now to get a look and feel of what it is all about.

Angel Kitty USB Keyboard Bra

If you are looking for gifts for a special occasion, you may want to check out Angel Kitty’s USB Keyboard Bra.

Model Wearing the Keyboard Bra

According to Steve Levenstein, each Angel Kitty USB Keyboard Bra costs ¥15,750 (about $130) plus shipping. You can get a standard keyboard at a much cheaper price but it sure doesn’t give you as much fun!

The photo below displays a wrong angle to “place” the keyboard. The model keyboard bra should be facing the chair instead. However, you might need a larger table if you are planning on putting it on the table without her blocking the monitor. I can think of a “position” to properly use the keyboard without obstruction but it would be inappropriate to display it here 😉

Model wearing the Keyboard Bra laying on the table

Honestly, this does make a good Valentine’s or Anniversary gift but don’t expect to get much work done when you are using it! Hmmm…I wonder if the model comes together with the keyboard bra? :mrgreen: Maybe not…

Replace Your Stick Pads With Post-it Software Notes Lite

Throw your notepads and post-it sticky notes away. They only clutter your working place and are a mess. With 3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite, you no longer need to stick another post-it note on your monitor again!

3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite is free for download. You get to “stick” as many post-it notes onto your monitor as you like. The notes can be resized to fit any amount of text as well.

3M Post-it Software Notes posts

Click on the button at the top left of any post-it note to enter its “Note Properties”. Here, you get to change the fonts and add pictures into the note.

Post-it with image

Apart from that, you get to set alarms for individual post-it notes. The alarm has advance settings that allows the software to alert you on the same note more than once.

Post-it with alarm features

Below are a few short-cut keys that will be useful while using it:

  • Ctrl+D — Insert timestamp on the note
  • Ctrl+T — Trash the note
  • Ctrl+B — Bold text
  • Ctrl+U — Underline text
  • Ctrl+I — Italic text

I’ve been using 3M’s Post-it Software Notes Lite for quite some time now. It’s definitely better than sticking notes all around my monitor 😉 3M has an update on this software. However, you’ll need to pay for that version. There is a 30 days trial offer for you to evaluate it.

Get Indexed By Search Engine Faster

The common method to look for information in the Internet is through search engines (eg. Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc). If you have a new website, blog or forum and want to be found, you must be indexed by search engines.

The old way to get noticed and be indexed by search engines is through manual web submission. There are submission pages such as Add your URL to Google and Yahoo! Submit Your Site. However, I’ve just come to know that there is a faster alternative to this method.

LiewCF left a comment at 5xmom saying, “actually, you do not need to submit website to search engines nowadays. you only need to get links from other indexed sites. It is much faster than url submit”.

I’m seriously thinking of starting a (few more) blog(s). $-) When I get my next domain, I’ll just link it from my existing blog and forget about submitting my URL to Big Brother G. Thanks LiewCF.

Why Must Google Index A Blog Or Website?

I received an email from Mott just a few days ago. It contained an interesting question that we decided to share it to whoever may need it. If there’s anything that you guys would like to add, please leave a comment below.

Why must Google index a blog..or website. Can you tell me, in layman’s term the purpose of this?

“Search engine indexing entails how data is collected, parsed, and stored to facilitate fast and accurate retrieval.” (source)

We use Google to quickly and accurately search for related web pages that we need. In order to do that, Google needs to “crawl” through the Internet, collect and store these web pages. A certain “set of rules” are used during the process of storing these web pages to allow search results to be more accurate. (This process is called indexing)

If Google doesn’t index a particular website/blog/forum etc, that particular web page will not show up when a user searches for it.

Just to add some extra info: When people talk about SEO or search-engine-optimization, they are concentrating on how to design a certain web page so that Google will index and give it a “higher priority” compared to other web pages. Each web page’s “priority” is defined as page rank (PR). PR ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the number, the higher your priority will be thus showing up higher in search results.

For example, search for make money and you will notice 5xmom‘s blog there in the top 10. That is because her blog ranks high for the term make money.


If there’s anything that anyone would like to add or if there’s any factual mistakes I’ve made, please leave a comment below. Thanks.