What Geeks Do With Old Hardware

When you upgrade your system, what do you do with the old parts? Individuals may just throw them away or store it up until they decide to throw them away some time later. On the other hand, large companies may have dozens or even hundreds of old system lying in the storeroom. What would you do with the old systems if you were one of the staffs in the IT department?

This may not be the longest or the most sophisticated domino effect ever done but it is still one expensive domino effect. If you ever want to try something like this yourself, just make sure you do not use new harddisks.

PlayBoy: My First Referral From BlogRush

Checking my blog stats is something I do daily hourly more than once in an hour. Yeah, I am vain. So what?

Anyway, that is when I noticed a referral link from BlogRush. BlogRush? BlogRush?

BlogRush send first visitor due to PlayBoy title

Yes, BlogRush. I didn’t even think that BlogRush would be sending any traffic into my blog. Well, at least now I know there is at least ONE referral from BlogRush. I wonder if it was because the title contained the word “PlayBoy” that attracted the visitor. My BlogRush stats shows that there are already three referrals. Anyway, who cares? 🙂

Will I continue using it? Well, I don’t plan to ditch it out just yet. After all, they said the low click through rate is due to some people “cheating” the system. However, I don’t expect to be getting much traffic from my low traffic blog.

The Ultimate Way To Promote Firefox

Are you one of those geeks who hate IE and give all glory and praise to Firefox? Have you been promoting Firefox in your blog and asking others to drop IE? How do you show your love towards Firefox?

Behold, the ultimate way to promote Firefox.

Cool Firefox Custom Paintjob

Having a ride like that is already cool enough. Having a custom Firefox paintjob makes you the best looking geek in town.

[Via SpreadFirefox]

Emotion Recognition Software

Mona lisa photo from flickrBBC News once reported that the painting of Mona Lisa was analyzed by a University of Amsterdam computer using “emotion recognition” software. The result showed that she was “83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful and 2% angry”. Now, how cool would it be if we are all able to get our hands on that software? Just imagine what we can use it for. You can analyze some photos of your spouse or partner and see what their emotions were when they were taking photos with you. 😉

GladOrSad.com will launch this September 2007 and will be available to the public. It is a coorperation between ilse media and University Van Amsterdam to bring similar emotion recognition software to the public.

How does it work?

When we smile, frown or grimace, thousands of tiny facial muscles are at work. Emotion-recognition software, or ERS, creates a 3-D face map, pinpointing 12 key trigger areas like eye and mouth corners.

Then a face-tracking algorithm matches the movements to six basic expression patterns, corresponding to anger, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust and happiness, or a mixture of them.

I’ll wait for the launch and see if it’s worth a review. There are photos of Bush, Michael Jackson and Ronaldinho analyzed by the software. Do check it out and have a good laugh.

The Chair That “Fights Back”

Fuwapica high-tech furniture that lights up on pressureWhat do chair, stool, sofa and bench have in common? We sit on them! Apart from that, there are also other things we do on them such as we stand, jump and even fart (pronounce properly, no pun intended) on them. Throughout our lives, we have put immense pressure and stress on the things we sit that I’m sure some of us might have even broke one or two of them.

We get to do all those nasty things to them simply because they can’t talk back to us even when we’re “hurting” them. The creators of the fuwa pica project has just changed that. Now, be prepared for the chairs to fight back!

Fuwapica is a high-tech chair that emits light when it senses pressure on it. The colour of the light changes according to the weight/pressure. Someone light sitting on it may produce a blue light while it changes to darker colours like red when someone heavy sits on it.

Contrary to the title of the article Chair changes colour if you’re fat, the chair doesn’t change colour to indicate if you’re fat but if you’re heavy. To judge if a person is fat, you will need to compare the person’s BMI and body composition, not by weight alone.

Having said that, I’m sure you’ll feel a bit awkward when your chair emits a darker light compared to the others when in the same room. (Check out this photo and you’ll know what I mean)