3 Year Web Hosting For Only RM100!

More than a year ago, I started blogging on a free blogging platform — Blogger.com. A few weeks into it, I knew I had to get my own domain name and move onto paid hosting. That was when I started looking for a reliable and cheap web hosting package.

It wasn’t an easy task. Most companies I found offered huge disk space and bandwidth but cost a bomb. I was just starting out therefore I do not expect to use anything near to what they were offering. So, it didn’t seem to be such a wise idea to invest in a hosting package like that.

ServerFreak -- Premium Hosting Solutions

After short listing more than a dozen web hosting company and more consideration, I decided to put my money on ServerFreak. A friend of mine was using it and had recommended it to me.

I signed up for the cheapest package and paid monthly just to try them out. That way, I can cancel it and look for another web hosting provider if I wasn’t totally satisfied with their services. If I am not mistaken, it was only RM4 per month at that time. A few months later, I upgraded to a RM6 per month package and it has been renewed until now.

Am I a satisfied customer? Totally! Any emails or messages to customer support are replied within a few hours or minutes at times. For the price I paid, I wonder if they even make any money out of it.

Cheap web hosting package. Buy or Renew 2 years free 1 year!

Now, good news for you people out there. ServerFreak is having a festive season promo thing going on right now. When you buy or renew 2 year hosting between 1st October 2008 and 15th November 2008, you will get 1 year hosting completely FREE! Just key in the coupon code free1year and you are good to go. This offer is valid for linux and windows shared hosting packages.

That is RM100 for 3 years of web hosting. I was more than delighted when I received news of this offer. Now, I don’t need to worry about my web hosting payment come month end. Well, not until my traffic increases to the point that it exceeds my monthly quota. Anyway if that does happen, wouldn’t that be something to cheer about?

.my Second Level Domain Name (2LD) Now Available

A .my third level domain name (3LD) is the common domain name extension that you see (eg. .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, etc). It is quite seldom that you find a website with a .my second level domain name (2LD) of .my. Two examples that I can find is Jaring.my and UKM.my.

Jaring.my was registered in the year 1992 while UKM.my in the year 1996. I guess they must have stopped selling the 2LD after that but it seems like the domain name is back on sale again.

There will be a priority period starting 1st November 2007 at 9am until 31st December 2007 at 5pm. During this period, all existing 3LD owners can apply for their equivalent 2LDs. For example, if you own the domain domain.com.my, you can apply for the domain.my domain.

Problem arises when two different 3LD owners with the same domain prefix wants the same 2LD (eg. domain.com.my and domain.net.my). In such a case, whoever that registered their 3LD the earliest will be entitled to own the 2LD.

For more information, check out Exabytes.

Maximum Benefit From Exabytes’ Trade-in Promotion

Exabytes is currently offering a “trade-in your hosting” promotion. All you need is to show them proof of purchase of your current web hosting package. They will extend your web hosting plan with them for the same length of time when you purchase 1 year of hosting plan with them. For example, if you have 6 months left of your current web hosting plan, they will host your website for 1 year and 6 months.

Please take note that the maximum they will extend your hosting is 12 months. Therefore, your hosting plan will be extended a maximum of 12 months even though you have more than 12 months remaining with your current hosting.

This promotion ends 5th November 2007.

How to optimize your “profit” from this promotion?

Their cheapest EBiz 1 hosting plan is at RM199 per year. It is quite a good package where you can host up to 10 + 1 domains. You get 10GB of space and 50GB data transfer.

To maximize your “profit”, simply sign up with a cheap hosting for 12 months. There are some hosting packages out there that cost around RM10-20 per year. Then, use the receipt to claim back 12 months extension from Exabytes. That way, you pay RM199 + RM10 (for example) for 2 years of hosting with Exabytes. That is less than RM9 per month.


This “hack” or tip is not verified. I have no idea if it works. If you are interested in this offer by Exabytes and want to get the maximum benefit out of it, please send a ticket to Exabytes’ customer support to verify before purchase. I shall not be held responsible for anything you do. 😛

How To Make Money Buying Expired Domain Name

According to DeletedLive.com, over 750,000 domain names expire every month. Among these expiring domain names, there are many who have high ranking PageRanks. The owner of the expiring domain name will usually renew them before it expires but you will be surprised at how many domain names are left to expire.

Here is your chance to make some money out of these expired domain names. You can grab these domain names that have expired and resell them at a higher price. Firstly, what you need is a tool to help you search and identity expiring domain names.

Make money by searching for expiring domain name

DeletedLive.com is a new web tool that provides you with a search tool to search for expiring domain names. You can search for specific keywords in the domain that you are looking for. Other search factors include setting the number of days before the domain name will expire and minimum PageRank score.

I have tried this service but the result isn’t 100% accurate. For example, there are some domain names that are expected to be deleted in August but are still in the list. Some of the domain names have already been bought or renewed but are still showing as “expiring”. However, just sort the domain name by expiration date and view them from the back. I manage to find some good PR domain names that are currently opened for public bidding.

I found this website two days ago and I notice there are already some changes to the search function. Maybe they are still updating the service. Bookmark the website. I am sure there will be more updates in the coming days. Who knows, it may even be a powerful web tool all domain name traders need in the future.

Cheap Web Hosting To Host Multiple Blogs And Websites

If you are looking for a web hosting package that is cheap and enables you to host multiple domain names, this post serves as a good starting point. I looked through the top 10 most popular hosting companies list on Web Hosting Stuff (which strangely contains 25 companies instead of 10) and found four web hosting companies that you can consider.

Below is the list of the web hosting companies in no specific order.

1) Servers And Domains

  • 1 GB disk space
  • 20 GB bandwidth
  • Host 10 domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • $30.00 / year
  • Note: $5.95 / month package available where disk space, bandwidth and add-on domains are doubled.

2) ProService Hosting

  • 5 GB disk space
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Database amount not available
  • $4.95 / month
  • Note: 25% discount on all hosting packages. Coupon code: 2007

3) iValueHost

  • 2 GB disk space
  • 40 GB bandwidth
  • Host 50 domains
  • 5 MySQL databases
  • $4.95 / month
  • Note: Hosting fees decreases when you pay for a few months (eg. $3.95 / month if paid for 12 months)
  • Note 2: The restricted amount of MySQL database available to you means that you will need to setup each blog’s table with a different prefix. Therefore, one database holds a few blogs data

4) Integra-Net

  • 1 GB disk space
  • 20 GB bandwidth
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • $32.95 / year
  • Note: $4.95 / month package available where disk space upgrade to 2 GB and bandwidth to 30 GB

Please check the appropriate websites to confirm any detail mentioned above. These are really cheap web hosting packages that you can choose from where you can host multiple domains.

Besides the price and features of a web hosting package, the uptime, speed and reliability of the server and connection is important too. These are factors that I will have no knowledge of since I have not tried any of these companies before. Therefore, do your research and select the one that you feel good about.