Solve Unstable Streamyx Connection Using TM Proxy Server

Some people may be experiencing major broadband issues with Streamyx lately. This is due to problems with some submarine cable affecting the network between Malaysia to Europe and US. Repair works have begun and is due to complete on 2 May 2010.

This problem has been affecting my broadband network stability for the past few days. At times, I cannot access any websites at all. At best, things would work for a few minutes and stop again. I have just received an email tip from my hosting company — ServerFreak — on how we can temporarily solve this problem.

Setup your browser to use an alternative TM proxy. Details below:

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TM UniFi / High Speed Broadband (HSBB)

The UniFi / High Speed Broadband (HSBB) is a broadband service provided by TM that offers broadband at speeds of 5Mbps and above. The HSBB is expected to be deployed around the Klang Valley and several other key areas throughout the country by the end of 2012.

There are currently 3 packages offered to home users — VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20.


  • 5Mbps download/upload
  • 60GB download quota
  • RM149 / month


  • 10Mbps download/upload
  • 90GB download quota
  • RM199 / month


  • 20Mbps download/upload
  • 120GB download quota
  • RM249 / month

Unlike the current Streamyx packages provided, TM’s HSBB package does limit users’ usage by implementing a download/upload quota limit. This did not go down well with the general public as they voice their dissatisfaction in social networking sites. TM then reacted by announcing that they will not implement the download / upload quota limit for their HSBB service until further notice.

TM’s contractors were spotted installing cables for its HSBB service in Section 14, Petaling Jaya tonight. If you are living in that area, the HSBB service may be available to you in the very near future. Moving over to HSBB does not seem like a bad idea as Streamyx seems to be slacking off lately.

How to Diagnose and Solve Streamyx Problems

Streamyx, being Malaysia’s premier broadband provider serves a big portion of our country’s Internet users. I myself have been using it as soon as it was made available in my area many years ago. Along the way, I have tried out a few other broadband providers but still find that Streamyx provides me with the best overall package in terms of pricing, usage and availability.

Every individual has their own need and requirements on broadband usage. Depending on those variables, a certain broadband service provider and its packages may be more suitable compared to the others.

So why should you choose Streamyx over the other broadband providers? The three points below are taken from their website:

  1. High speed — at up to 4.0Mbps, your media streams smoothly and your photos load at their shutter speeds. Makes dial-up seem like a bad dream.
  2. No disconnections — data flow that’s constant and consistent ensures no more time-outs and no more restarting downloads.
  3. Great value — pay one fixed rate per month, and waste no more time waiting!

However, every now and then, many (myself included) experience sluggish Internet connection speed that is well below what our respective packages offer. Some might even be battling with this problem on a daily basis. However, I have been told that many a time, the causes of our sluggish Internet connection lies in our own CPE. Do see below on some basic guides on how to have a better online experience.

Quick fix for Streamyx common error messages

When you are getting the Error 691 (Invalid login ID or password) message, you have probably entered the wrong login ID and password combination. Also take note that the login ID’s format is loginID@streamyx, without the “.com” at the end of it. The login ID is also case-sensitive.

When you are getting the Error 678 (Remote computer did not respond) message, your modem, network card or splitter may be faulty causing the lost of connection. You will need to look closely at your LED lights on your modem to troubleshoot this one.

When you are getting the Error 769 (The specified destination is not reachable) message, you may have a disconnected network cable, faulty network card or corrupted network driver.

Troubleshooting tips for blinking DSL modem light

If the Link/DSL light is blinking, switch off your modem and restart it after 30 to 60 seconds. This is quite common and has been documented in one of my previous posts. Make sure the telephone cable is connected properly to the modem. Try using another RJ11 telephone cable or bypass the splitter if restarting the modem fails to solve the problem.

If the LAN/ETH light is off, ensure that your RJ45 network cable is properly fitted into the back of your PC and modem. Retry with a different working cable to check if your current one is faulty. If that fails, try reinstalling your network card driver or updating it to the latest copy.

How to stay connected to Streamyx

Another common problem that people experience is that Streamyx stopped working suddenly. Firstly, check with the people around your area to identify if the problem is affecting a large area or only you. If it is the latter, then there are a few things you can do before calling TM for assistance.

Typical setup for Streamyx at home

The diagram above shows a typical setup every Streamyx user should have in their home or office. In order for your Streamyx connection to function properly, every component and cable involved must be in working condition and fitted correctly.

Firstly, check and make sure your phone line that is connected to the modem has a dial tone. Make sure all cables are properly connected. Then, ensure your cables are in working condition by testing it with cables that you know do work. You can also remove the splitter and phone so that the telephone cable is connected to the modem directly from the wall socket.

You should also check your phone bill to make sure that you have no outstanding bill and that your account is not suspended. If all efforts fail, then proceed to contact TM’s support by dialling 100 on your landline.

Simple Streamyx tips

The diagram below shows a different perspective of components that are divided into two categories — those under TM and customer responsibility. In order for you to experience optimal broadband speed from Streamyx, you need to ensure that Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) under your responsibility must be in working condition and compatible with TM Internet system.

Simple Streamyx tips for Customer Premises Equipment

You also need to ensure that your PC and ADSL router has been configured correctly. Any faulty CPE in the setup can affect the speed and availability of your broadband service.

You can get detailed information on these guides on the Streamyx website. If possible, we should try these troubleshooting steps before contacting TM’s support. There was once when the support team arrived at my home only to realize that the telephone cable was unplugged the previous night due to lightning.

Once you have exhausted all possible option, dial 100 on your TM line and follow the instructions to get help from TM’s customer service.

TM Streamyx speedtest : FAST

The screenshot above taken from a speed test conducted on my PC at my rented room in PJ. I am able to download files at a maximum speed of 160kbps. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Celcom Broadband + Compaq Notebook + Modem Only RM159 A Month

If you are still thinking which wireless broadband provider in Malaysia to choose from, hopefully this will help you out. Celcom is currently having a great promotion to get you to sign up to their Celcom Broadband service.

Celcom Broadband + Compaq Notebook + USB promotion

This promotion includes service for Celcom Broadband, a Compaq Notebook and a USB modem. You get to bring home all this for only RM159 a month! You get to save up to RM1014.

You will be signed up to the Celcom Broadband basic package which costs RM68 per month. This package allows you to surf the Internet with speeds up to 384 Kbps. The Celcom Broadband USB modem comes with 1 year warranty.

Below are some of the specifications for the Compaq Notebook:

  • Model: HP Compaq Presario C700
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core processor T2330 1.6 Ghz
  • Memore: 1024MB 667 Mhz
  • Hard Disk Drive: 160GB
  • Display: 15.4″ TFT WXGA LCD panel with brightview technology
  • Optical Drive: DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive
  • Dimension: 35.7 x 25.7 x 3.28 ~ 4cm
  • Weight: 2.76kg with 6 cell battery

This looks like a pretty good promotion. At least until I read the fine prints.

* Upfront payment required. Minimum subscription of 24 months. For a limited period only.

As usual, you can find out more at Celcom’s promotion page at the official website or call Celcom Careline at 1-300 111 000. You can also call 1111 directly from your Celcom mobile. If you prefer a more personal approach, just visit your nearest Celcom branch or Blue Cube outlet.

Offer valid while stock lasts!

Maxis Broadband Throttles Download Speed

Fellow blogger Freethinker SOS-ed me the other day. He subscribed to Maxis Broadband and noticed his torrent download is very slow — less than 1kb/s. That is extremely slow indeed. There is no doubt that even a dial up connection can be faster than that.

After checking the Maxis Broadband fair usage policy, there is a few sections that indicated download activities such downloading torrents is prohibited and may result in bandwidth throttling.

5.2.1 Certain software/applications which is used by a small number of customers to send and receive files containing very large amounts of data (including without limitation traffic from peer-to-peer software/applications (such as Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella) or file sharing software (such as Limewire)). These activities may cause network congestion and can negatively impact the speed at which other customers can access the internet.

5.2.2 Maxis does not guarantee a service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer or file sharing software/applications.

5.2.3 The system that is used to provide the Maxis Broadband service can identify very high bandwidth users and Maxis seeks to manage the customer’s usage by throttling their bandwidth to a much lower broadband speed to ensure fairness to all customers.

If you plan to download files using P2P programs, you are better off not using Maxis Broadband. In case this is not enough to deter you, there is yet another section in the Maxis Broadband fair usage policy that you may want to take a look at.

5.3.1 Each customer’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed 3GB of data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no individual hogs the bandwidth at all times.

If you plan to use more than 3GB of data transfer per month, you will need to have a written request to Maxis. The approval of your application is entirely up to Maxis.

You got to love the broadband services provided by our Malaysian providers. It is like going for a buffet dinner that costs RM100 per head and having the below conversation/situation happen to you.

Manager: I am sorry sir but you will have to stop eating now.

You: Huh? I thought buffets are for me to eat as much as I can?

Manager: Yes, sir. However, you have been eating too much, more than what we can afford you to eat. In fact, you are eating other customer’s portion. You really have to stop now, sir.

You: Shut up. I am going for that turkey over there. Try stopping me if you can.

[At this point, the manager calls 5 security guards and straps you to your chair preventing you from eating anymore food.]

Manager: I will bring you your dessert and bill. Thank you very much. Do come and dine in our wonderful buffet restaurant again.

This policy isn’t new. Jeff Ooi reported it a year ago.