First Snail Mail From Google

My Adsense payment has been put on hold by Google last month. They sent me a pin number to my address that I needed to key in. This is part of their security measures taken to protect their publishers.

I got a mail from Google yesterday. To my excitement, it contained the PIN number that I needed. Upon reaching home, I immediately launched my Adsense account to key in the PIN number. That is when I see the screenshot below.

Adsense error message while entering PIN number

*sigh* I hope the support team is working on this error. I have no idea what it is. I hope it doesn’t affect my account in anyway.

Good news to myself. My Adsense earning has surpassed the $100 minimum payout. If I am not mistaken, I will only be receiving my check end of November due to this payment hold. I can almost see my Nikon D40x already. WooHoo! But first, I will need to decide on a method to withdraw my PayPal earnings.

AdSense Payment On Hold. Pin Mailer Required

I logged into my AdSense account a few days ago and was surprised to see a “red warning” message. The message read, “Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.”

Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.

I wondered what I did wrong this time. The last time when I Accidentally Clicked On My Own Google AdSense, I reported it and Google support replied to me saying not to worry. They do understand that sometimes accidental clicks like that do happen. The system will not register such accidental clicks as valid clicks.

My AdSense payment is put on hold for safety reasons. I believe when our AdSense balance has reached a certain point (mine has just surpassed the $50 mark), Google will send us a PIN number on a postcard to our mailing address. This is to verify that we are indeed the owner of the account thus limiting the possibility of fraud.

The PIN will be printed on a white 4.5 X 6 inch postcard. It will take between 3 to 6 weeks to arrive. Once we have the PIN in hand, we can insert it into the system and our AdSense account should be back to normal again. Publishers may request to resent the PIN if it does not arrive within the first 3 weeks.

How I Made $25,000 In Adsense Under 1 Minute The Easy Way

I found the video How I Made ~$25,000 Under 1 Minute from AhPek’s post on How anyone can make $25,000 or more from Adsense in less than a minute. The video demonstrates how anyone can edit the amount in the adsense report with photoshop. That is possible but does require some tweaking and patience. If you are not familiar with photoshop, it may take a lot longer to do it.

I’ve shown in one of my previous posts (Beware Of Internet Scams) that such modifications are possible using only a simple line of javascript code. This method is a lot easier and requires no additional software. What you need to do is to load up the adsense report page and enter the line of code below into the URL location box and hit the [enter] key.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

When that is done, you are able to edit the text on the screen like how you would in a normal text editor. Once you are done, insert the line of code below into the URL location box and hit the [enter] key again.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='false'; document.designMode='off'; void 0

This will deactivate the “modify” function and the adsense report page will function like normal. To remove all traces of all tweaking done, click on the URL location box and hit the [Esc] key. Next, click anywhere on the screen.

Below is a video demonstrating how it’s done. It can be done in under 30 seconds.

Discrepancies In My Google Adsense Report

A week ago, I checked my MyBlogLog’s statistics and my Google Adsense report an noticed a difference in both their reports. MyBlogLog reported that in the past 7 days (at that time), there was a total of 14 clicks on my Google Adsense Skyscraper banner (on the right) and another 10 clicks on my Google Adsense Link Unit (on top).

MyBlogLog report on Google Adsense banner clicks

However, when I checked the report posted by Google, it showed that I only received 2 clicks on the Google Adsense Link Unit.

Google Adsense report on Google Adsense banner clicks

I sent an e-mail to Google Support and was asked to provide screenshots of it. Few days later, I received an e-mail from them saying they could not resolve the difference that MyBlogLog and their system is showing. It is understandable, since they do not have access to MyBlogLog’s system. After all, how much does 22 clicks on their banners in my blog are worth? Probably between USD1 to 2 if I’m lucky.

However, the point I am trying to raise isn’t the cash that I could have potentially earned being lost but, why are there such a big difference between both system’s report? No doubt that Google is an enormous company with top IT people (probably in the world), but I believe MyBlogLog does not have amateur programmers behind their system as well. So, how is it possible that there was such a big difference? I could accept it if there were less than 5 or so but 22 is a bit too much.

I still strongly believe that Google’s reports are accurate. However, I just can’t find a reason to explain what is happening with my statistics. Anyone out there ever had the same problem as I did?

I Accidentally Clicked On My Own Google AdSense

It happened two days back, just before noon. I was updating my blog and reading some other blogs at the same time when I noticed a very interesting AdSense advertisement. It was about Anwar Ibrahim, the next Prime Minister (at least that’s what the advertisement stated). So naturally, I was curious. I ended up clicking it.

I see nothing that interests me in the blog. There were a few videos in it but they didn’t generate enough curiosity for me to view it. I personally dislike politics. It’s like a 4 letter word to me, maybe worse. After all, it is 2 times a 4 letter word (“poli-tics”), isn’t it? Then I realized that the ad was actually from my own blog. I panicked.

Will I be banned by Google for my genuine mistake? Will I lose the 50 cent ad revenue that I’ve generated so far? OK OK, that’s not a lot I know. Haha. Anyway, I googled for more information on what to do next and this is what I did.

After I log into my Google account, I went to Google Support. There’s a list of category for things you can contact Google for. I look for a category that was about “invalid clicks“. In the subcategory, I chose something like “I accidentally clicked on my ads“. I fill up the details in the form. Wrote them a message telling that I ACCIDENTALLY clicked on my AdSense ad and that it was a genuine mistake from me and submitted the form.

(Notice that I sound a little uncertain of what I’m talking about here. That’s because on the time of writing, I can no longer reproduce these steps. Somehow Google removed the invalid clicks category, or I just couldn’t find it. So, there won’t be any screenshots for this post)

Just moments after submitting the form, I received a mail from Google AdSense Support team. This is part of what is in the mail:

Thanks for letting us know about the clicks on your ads. We appreciate
your honesty and your efforts to keep your account in good standing.
Although publishers are not permitted to click on their own ads for any
reason, we do understand that accidental clicks may occur, so we don’t
require that you contact us every time you click on your ads.

I guess you don’t have to inform them every single time you accidentally clicked on your own ads. However, I recommend you notify them at least once. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For more information, check out these links: