Why I Prefer CIMB Over RHB For My Western Union Transactions

It has been almost a year since the first time I successfully withdrawn Google Adsense earnings through Western Union. I made the withdrawal at my local CIMB Bank branch. It was a very pleasant experience. I was served almost instantly and the counter staff was very polite.

From then until now, I made several other trips to the bank to withdraw my Google Adsense earnings. My favorite bank to withdraw from Western Union is no other than CIMB Bank and here is why.

Withdraw Adsense earnings through Western Union at CIMB bank

The only other bank I use apart from CIMB is RHB Bank. I have only used RHB’s services for Western Union transactions twice. The first time was when I wanted to cash out my second Google Adsense payment. The truth is, the experience wasn’t anything to shout about. I had to wait at least twice longer for them to process my payment compared to CIMB.

I vowed never to return again. But I did.

The second time was just a few days ago. The reason why I did was I thought that my first bad experience could have been just a one off case. Furthermore, I went into CIMB only to be told that their Western Union was offline. So, I didn’t have any other choices.

I spent close to an hour in RHB that rainy afternoon — around 50 minutes or so. Although most of the time spent was to wait for my turn, the time it took to process my payment wasn’t that quick either.

On my last trip to CIMB, I was in and out of the bank in no more than 15 minutes.

I really have no idea why it takes RHB so long to process a Western Union transaction. Maybe they have tighter regulations to follow? I don’t know. However, one thing I do know is that I am never stepping my foot into any RHB bank for a Western Union transaction ever again.

Well, never unless CIMB is offline.

First Time Withdraw Adsense Earnings Through Western Union

After eight months running Google Adsense in my blogs, I finally accumulated enough money to make my first cash out last month. Since one month ago, we are able to cash out our Adsense earning through Western Union. I opted for the Western Union cash out method over the conventional check since it is faster and free of charges.

Adsense cashout at CIMB Western Union

I went to a nearby CIMB branch which has Western Union services to withdraw my money. I requested for the necessary form from the guard. I filled up the form as fast as I could. It is an unbelievable feeling to finally receive some cash from my blogging adventure.

I took a number and was served almost immediately. I presented the form together with my IC. My transaction was processed without a problem. You can read LiewCF’s attempt to withdraw his Adsense earnings from Western Union. There are two differences between our individual experiences. Firstly, the counter staff didn’t ask me what the purpose of the money is for. Secondly, I don’t remember her photocopying my IC. However, I was withdrawing RM400 while LiewCF could be withdrawing RM4,000 or more. So, that could be the reason for the differences.

Adsense CIMB cash out successful

Anyway, after doing some calculation, the exchange rate was at 3.3146. Where did you withdraw your Adsense earnings and what was the exchange rate?

How To Maximize Adsense Earnings

When creating an Adsense for Content banner ad unit, you can choose text only banner, image only banner or a combination of both. All along, I have been selecting the text and image banner type. This allows advertisers to place image ads in my blog.

I checked and noticed two top tech bloggers in Malaysia having different approach when it comes to displaying Adsense banner ads. One displays text only ad units while the other displays text and image ad units. I have the impression that text only ad unit is able to generate more revenue compared to text and image ad units. I could be wrong.

According to the post in the Adsense Blog:

As a rule of thumb, we recommend opting into both text and image ads. Doing so expands the pool of advertisers competing to display on your site – both on a CPC and CPM basis – therefore maximizing your site’s revenue potential. It also helps to choose an ad format that supports both text and image ads.

The Adsense team recommends using the text and image ad units to maximize revenue. However, does this apply to all types of blogs? Does it depend on the area that your banner ads will appear as well? Maybe some area in your theme works better with text only ads while others with image only ads?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experimented on which type of banner ad unit works better for you? Does turning off the “targeting” option bring in more revenue?

PayPal Automatically Accepts Fund Transfer

There have been some changes with PayPal and Google Adsense lately in terms of how they are currently handling fund transfer. Google Adsense allows withdrawal to Western Union while PayPal is accepting credit/debit card withdrawals for Malaysians. Both changes have speed up the withdrawal process and reduced the cost encountered by us.

I had two incoming PayPal transactions yesterday. As usual, I tried to accept them one at a time. Strangely, there was a popup message that mentioned that the consequent transactions will be automatically accepted if I were to choose to proceed. I accepted it and proceeded. Sure enough, my second transaction was automatically accepted.

Today, I have another two incoming PayPal transactions. When I signed in to my PayPal account, the transaction has been already accepted in both occasions. Does this mean that PayPal will automatically accept all transactions sent to me from now on? Are you having the same “problem”?

This change will be great for those who have many transactions to accept previously. Now, they will only need to login to their PayPal account occasionally to view how much their money has grown. Oh well, I still have no idea if PayPal will accept my AmBank credit card withdrawal. Can someone phone them up to enquire for me? LOL.

Google Adsense Personal Identification Number (PIN)

I encountered a problem earlier on when I tried to key in the PIN number I received into the Adsense system. I tried it today and it works. Here is a chronology of what happened.

Adsense card front

I received a letter from Google a few days ago. It looks like a self printed “letter-card” type of thing by Google and was folded in half. I was actually a little surprised and disappointed with it. I thought that they would at least send it in an envelope or something.

Adsense card back

The back of the card was printed with the Google logo.

Adsense card peep in between

The funny thing is that the front of the card was printed with the text “Important Account Information Enclosed” but the card was only “sealed” with small round tapes at all three ends. Anyone could have taken a peak by looking through the gab in between each tape.

Adsense card content

The above is the content of the card. There are some instructions on where you can insert the PIN (you should already know where by now). The most important part is the PIN number.

Adsense insert PIN successful

Everything is ok when you get the screenshot above.