Blog Policy

Information in this policy will be changed and/or added when I deem fit without necessarily announcing it publicly.


  • My posts represent my personal opinion/feeling towards the post content on that particular point in time and might/might not change through time.
  • You may quote any of my text provided that you give me a backlink to the original post mentioned.
  • Do not hotlink any photos found in this blog. You may download a copy of it and upload it into your own server but I expect a backlink to the original post in my blog where the photo was found.


  • I love to receive comments (which blogger doesn’t?). Therefore, please comment as often as you like.
  • This blog is protected using two spam filters — Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2.
  • Spam comments will not be tolerated. All (if any) comments that contain “advertisements” will be removed or edited.
  • This blog is set to allow all comments to be displayed without the need of my approval. Therefore, all comments should be displayed right after it is submitted, provided they were not caught by the spam filters mentioned above.
  • Even though new comments are displayed in this blog, it does not mean that I have personally read and/or approved it. Please bear in mind that I do not monitor my blog around the clock. All (if any) inappropriate comments will be removed or edited as soon as it is spotted.
  • Comment posted is the opinion of the reader and do not necessary reflect my opinion.
  • I take no responsibility over the comments posted by any of my readers.
  • I do not tolerate people disguising themselves as someone else when commenting in this blog. If found, they will be exposed and/or their comments removed or edited.

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