Groin Airbag May Cause More Harm Than Good

Bike airbag may hit groin causing massive painI found this prototype model of an advanced safety scooter, the ASV-3, which was made by Yamaha Motors. The article is already a year old. The difference in this scooter compared to the normal scooters we have on the road is that the ASV-3 has a multi-chambered airbag which opens from under the seat.

I am not sure what the airbag was meant to do. I would guess that it is to prevent the rider from sliding forward in a collision thus hitting the handle bars and causing the rider injury. However, Geekologie feels that it could be used as a crotch guard.

I do not know how the crotch airbag works but it looks dangerously close to the rider’s groin area. I’d imagine the airbag causing more harm than good to the rider instead. Can you imagine what will happen if the rider were to sit an inch or two closer to the front and the airbag were to expand in such a fast rate thus hitting him in the groin?


Image Backup Of Entire Hard Disk Using CloneGenius (Free!)

For some people, their hard disk means everything to them. Their collection of movies, songs, games and personal files are all stored in their hard disk. Therefore, a serious hard disk failure that may result in total or any data lost could be as bad as having the whole world crashing down on them.

I am one of these people. I store everything I have in my hard disk. My collection of photos taken ever since I bought my first Lumix digital camera is stored in my hard disk. Losing my hard disk means losing a part of my life. Knowing how important these photos are to me, I still fail to make an effort to properly backup of my hard disk.

I stumbled upon CloneGenius. It allows you to make an exact copy (image) of your hard disk for back up purposes. Some of the key features highlighted include:

  • Backup the operation system and restore it in the event of a fatal system crash or virus attack
  • Automatically scan the selected hard drive for recoverable files within minutes
  • Works with a wide range of hard drives and removable media, including USB drives
  • Clone Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista

For such a great tool, I am quite surprised that it is offered for FREE. There aren’t any advertisements on the website at all. I wonder how the owner plans to maintain the website which I am sure isn’t free.

I haven’t personally tried this software and I couldn’t find anything that may indicate CloneGenius with any spyware or spam. It is a nice backup tool so use it at your own risk.

Online .htaccess File Editor

.htaccess file generator

The .htaccess file is a very useful file. You can use it to control how your website works. Some of the functions include customizing error page displayed, restrict search engine bot access, setting restrictions to folders and rewriting URLs for SEO purposes.

I stumbled upon htaccessEditor, a web tool that allows you to easily generate a basic .htaccess file for your website. Just select the options that you need from the menu and the .htaccess file will be automatically generated for you. Copy the text into your .htaccess file and save it.

Another .htaccess generator with more features is the htaccess file Generator by This web tool doesn’t look as attractive as the previous one but it offers more options for you to tweak.

Have fun.

How To Prevent Others From Loading Your Page In A Frame

Last month, I found out that someone was loading one of my pages in his website using a frame. Whenever the website is loaded, my page will appear as if it was the owner’s. I do not know what this person is trying to do or gain from it but I found a method to defeat it.

There is an article at Web Developers Notes on how to prevent web pages from loading in frames. You only need to insert the javascript code below in the HEAD section of the document that you would like to protect.

if (self != top)
   top.location.href = self.location;href;

How does it work?

The paragraph below is quoted from the article. It explains how and what the code does.

The code tests whether the top page is the same as the page being displayed. If this is not the case, the URL of the top page is changed to the URL of the present page. Thus, your page always loads in a full browser window the way you wanted it.


I have tried it out and it works like a charm. Try clicking here to check out the previous website that was loading my page in a frame. Now, the page redirects to my original page. Notice the URL at the top of the page shows it is loaded from my blog.

If you want to prevent others from loading any of your pages in a frame, use the code provided above.

Maximum Benefit From Exabytes’ Trade-in Promotion

Exabytes is currently offering a “trade-in your hosting” promotion. All you need is to show them proof of purchase of your current web hosting package. They will extend your web hosting plan with them for the same length of time when you purchase 1 year of hosting plan with them. For example, if you have 6 months left of your current web hosting plan, they will host your website for 1 year and 6 months.

Please take note that the maximum they will extend your hosting is 12 months. Therefore, your hosting plan will be extended a maximum of 12 months even though you have more than 12 months remaining with your current hosting.

This promotion ends 5th November 2007.

How to optimize your “profit” from this promotion?

Their cheapest EBiz 1 hosting plan is at RM199 per year. It is quite a good package where you can host up to 10 + 1 domains. You get 10GB of space and 50GB data transfer.

To maximize your “profit”, simply sign up with a cheap hosting for 12 months. There are some hosting packages out there that cost around RM10-20 per year. Then, use the receipt to claim back 12 months extension from Exabytes. That way, you pay RM199 + RM10 (for example) for 2 years of hosting with Exabytes. That is less than RM9 per month.


This “hack” or tip is not verified. I have no idea if it works. If you are interested in this offer by Exabytes and want to get the maximum benefit out of it, please send a ticket to Exabytes’ customer support to verify before purchase. I shall not be held responsible for anything you do. 😛