I’ve got ads, baby!! WooHoo!!!

This “WooHoo!!!” is not the same WooHoo that you get from the game “The Sims”. Even though, I don’t mind getting one. ;-) Anyway, it is a shout for joy. Dude, check out my “hand–job” (pun intended) below.

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

Finger pointing at Nuffnang’s banner on the right

I’ve got ads, baby!! WooHoo!!! This is my first ad campaign from Nuffnang. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this “Kurnia Insurance” ad campaign is going on for its second (or third) week in a row. I guess that is because the advertiser is happy with the exposure and ROI they get from advertising with Nuffnang. Either that, or they have budgeted “a few weeks campaign” with Nuffnang from the beginning which is better! That shows they have confidence in Nuffnang.

I’ll do a brief “preview” on this ad for now. I’ll provide detailed information in a few days time. The ad reads:

Medical Insurance for as low as 52 CENTS PER DAY!

Now everyone can afford Medical Insurance!

For an exclusive 10% discount e-mail josephlim [AT] kurnia.com and quote “NUFFNANG

Quoting from Wikipedia: Medical insurance “is a type of insurance whereby the insurer pays the medical costs of the insured if the insured becomes sick due to covered causes, or due to accidents.

That means by buying this insurance from Kurnia Insurance, if you so happen to “land in” a hospital one day, they will pay for your medical bills (subject to “covered causes”). *Touch wood* There are things in life that we cannot predict — health issues being one of them. We are not immune to diseases or accidents (major or minor). *TOUCH WOOD!!!*

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now. Send an e-mail to josephlim [AT] kurnia.com and quote “NUFFNANG” to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount! That is only 46.8 cents a day! That is even cheaper than a cup of teh tarik or a “yao cha kuai“. GO!! GO!! GO!! (Counterstrike style)

For those of you who have a blog but haven’t signed up with Nuffnang yet, you should register an account and start earning today! Not too long later, I’m sure it will be your turn to shout, “WooHoo!!!

Advertlets Losing Out To Nuffnang?

I noticed a couple of changes that Advertlets made to their system and policy. Those that is worth mentioning are:

1. Minimum unique visitors per day decreased from 100 to 50.
2. Demographics Poll needed decreased from 100 to 50.
3. Mimimum payout amount decreased from RM200 to RM100.

You can get the above information from this post in their blog. At the bottom of the same post, they quoted a sentence from Cikgu Azleen’s blog:

CikguAzleen also mengatakan bahawa Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka.

I went over to Cikgu Azleen’s post and found that there were more things Cikgu said that wasn’t quoted (that I found amusing). Here’s the “full version” of it:


Pada hari yang sama jugak, Advertlets telah mengubahsuai requirement mereka untuk membolehkan anda menjadi blogger mereka. Requirement yang baru adalah:

  1. Jumlah pelawat unik ke blog anda: 100 50
  2. Jumlah poll demografik dari blog anda: 100 50
  3. Jumlah bayaran minimum yang boleh dikeluarkan: RM200 RM100

Lebih baik kan? 50% diskaun! Hahahaa.. Saya rasa mereka terpaksa mengubahsuai requirement ni kerana terdapat saingan daripada syarikat yang satu lagi tuh. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. Saya tidak akan memberitahu anda dalam posting ini siapa saingan mereka, kerana anda sendiri tahu dan faham bahawa sekarang ini hanya ada dua syarikat pengiklanan blog dari Malaysia.


I’ll translate the last paragraph into English:

That’s better, right? 50% discount! Hahahaa.. I think they are forced to modify this requirement because there is competition from the other company. Hahahaha.. Ohhh.. I won’t tell you in this post who their competitor is, because you should know that there are only two blog advertising companies from Malaysia.

Two weeks ago, Nuffnang posted up The Nuffnang Community’s Reach and Coverage with pretty impressive figures — to say the least. They mentioned that they “serve out approximately 21,180,000 ad impressions” in a month. Compare that with the 1,800,000 impressions Advertlets have. That shows Nuffnang has almost 12 times more ad impressions to sell and may I add, 12 times stronger.

(Note: At the time of writing, the “Monthly Impressions Available For Advertising” counter on Advertlets system is not functioning. The figure 1,800,000 is what I think the last number I saw — I may be wrong. I’ll update the figure once the counter starts to work again.)

I guess it’s true that Nuffnang’s strategy to include the long tail of bloggers has really paid off. This is apparent especially when Advertlets are starting to reduce their requirements by HALF of what they used to be. From my perspective, Nuffnang is way in the lead. Advertlets would have to play catch up before Nuffnang disappears ahead.

Oh, have I mentioned that Nuffnang is now officially multinational?

Breaking News: Digg.com Hacked? (2)

(If you haven’t read my first post regarding this topic, you can read it here.)

After doing a few more checks, it looks like digg’s website was not hacked. The dozens of posts containing the 32 Hex Digits (09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0) are in fact the HD-DVD processing key that was successfully discovered a short while ago. The key probably started spreading through this post, Spread this number.

The guys behind HD-DVD requested digg.com to censor and take down all posts and comments containing the processing key. Digg has to comply or risk a lawsuit. However, their decision did not impressed any of the many thousands of digg users. The users immediately revolted and started condemning digg. A few domain names have been bought as a sign of protest (this, this, this, and this).

Over at Digg the Blog, there was a plea by Jay Adelson requesting digg’s users to understand the reason why they had to censor and remove those contents. Of course, most of digg’s users ignored it by all means to protect their freedom of speech. Seeing all the mess and the insane reactions from their users, Kevin Rose gave in to the power of the digg community with this post.

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.

Digg’s users hate them. The HD-DVD guys might be suing them. Will this day mark the end for digg.com? We’ll see what happens next.

Breaking News: Digg.com Hacked?

I checked digg.com and noticed something strange on their site. The front page contains articles that are filled up with the string, “09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0“. Even the articles are “weird”. It took me a while after going through the posts in the front page to figure out that digg.com could have been hacked.

Digg.com article 1

Some of the “posts” claims that digg.com started censoring articles and deleting posts. I’ll do more research on this and see what I can find.

Digg.com article 2

5 minutes later, digg.com suspended their service. It’s obvious they are trying to fix the problem in the background. I was lucky to have collected a few screenshots.

Spread the code
Image source

Code on a note
Image source

The movie 300 style code
Image source

More updates after I get more news on it. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: I found the following article, A Big Mayhem for DIGG.. after doing a quick search at petalingstreet.org. Hop over there to have a clearer picture of what’s happening.

Scam Awareness Campaign Post #1

On one sunny afternoon about a week ago, I found a piece of folded paper stuck at my gate. Immediately after unfolding it, I realized what it was an automatically threw it into the bin. I must have seen dozens of “brochures” like that in the past. About 5 seconds later, I picked up the brochure, dust it clean and kept it neatly. No, I’m not about to bet my life away in this scam. I was planning to use it to warn others. :-)

Example Of Scam Brochure

It read, “Keputusan dalam 3 hari. Pasti mengubah kehidupan anda” which translates to “Results in 3 days. Sure to change your life“. It was a typical looking “4D scam brochure” with the following information:

1. Master’s photo (the one who will be giving away the winning numbers)
2. “Past winner’s” testimonials
3. “Winning tickets” that matches the result
4. How/what the “past winner” gave back to the Master as a thank you gesture.

Few days ago, I read an article in the newspaper entitled, “Betting on ‘winning digits’ led deliveryman to lose everything“. The man gambled away all his savings and was left “with only RM14 left to his name“. Has greed taken away the ability to think rationally? Humans do make mistakes, but to fall for the same scam over and over again is ridiculous.

The newspaper also reported that “He also suggested that victims lodge police reports so that action can be taken against unscrupulous syndicates“. This is one thing I have never understood. I am sure the police are well aware of such syndicates/scams. Not to mention the other scams that are lurking out there. The question is, “Why must a police report be lodge before investigation/action is taken?If they blame it on “procedure”, their own personnel could have lodge a police report themselves, no?

To wait for an official “report” or complaint before they start an investigation is ridiculous. Especially if they are already aware that such scams are under operation. Even the telephone number is printed on the brochure. What are they waiting for? Go under cover, pretend to be a “victim” and nab the conman in action!

This post is meant to deter people away from scams. There must be 101 different types of scams out there. It depends on your own wits and rationality to differentiate scams from opportunities. Remember the old saying that goes, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!