BegForPost No Longer Available

Some time in March this year, BegForPost was created to compete against the great PayPerPost. BegForPost used the tag line, “Why pay per post when you can beg?” to attract members.

BegForPost caught on when it was featured on Techcrunch.

However, a few weeks back I noticed that BegForPost is no longer available. Now, the domain points to macmeter instead. After some searching, I found a comment left by anitab83 at saying that BegForPost’s footer contained the message “This site will self-destruct April 28th 2007”.

I couldn’t find any other information regarding this. Can anyone enlighten me?

Get Indexed By Search Engine Faster

The common method to look for information in the Internet is through search engines (eg. Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc). If you have a new website, blog or forum and want to be found, you must be indexed by search engines.

The old way to get noticed and be indexed by search engines is through manual web submission. There are submission pages such as Add your URL to Google and Yahoo! Submit Your Site. However, I’ve just come to know that there is a faster alternative to this method.

LiewCF left a comment at 5xmom saying, “actually, you do not need to submit website to search engines nowadays. you only need to get links from other indexed sites. It is much faster than url submit”.

I’m seriously thinking of starting a (few more) blog(s). $-) When I get my next domain, I’ll just link it from my existing blog and forget about submitting my URL to Big Brother G. Thanks LiewCF.

The New Das Keyboard II

Do you know what is your typing speed? Have you ever compared your typing speed with your friends or colleagues? Do you boast and feel proud knowing you can touch type?

Well, I have (but that happened many many years ago).

Touch typing is one of the ways to improve your typing speed. However, it may be tough to teach an old dog new tricks. Don’t worry, with the new Das Keyboard II, I guess you have no choice but to learn how to touch type! Imagine a blank keyboard with no indicators of the keys.

The new Das Keyboard II

The keyboard costs a whooping $89.95USD. That’s a little over RM300 for a “basic” keyboard without additional multimedia keys. It’s so damn expensive you must be expecting gold in them.

Guess what? There is gold in the keyboard! The Das Keyboard II is equipped with gold-plated key switches. That enables the Das Keyboard to be “rated up to 50 Million key strokes where as regular keyboards barely reach 10 to 15 Million strokes”.

With a hefty price tag like that, I’d rather learn it the hard way. I learned to touch type during my early secondary years. One of my best friends taught me a very basic lesson on it and the rest was history. All he taught me was…

You see the two marker on the “F” and “J” keys? Put your left index finger on the “F” and your right index finger on the “J”. Put the rest of your fingers on the other keys and memorize the rest of the keys that are around it.

That was all I needed. Of course, you’ll need a lot of practice as well. Thank goodness for IRC back then. I can say that I practised at least a few hours daily! πŸ˜‰

Easily Calculate Your PayPal Fees With PPCalc

Paypal must be one of the most used “online wallet” online. Its users consist of bloggers, advertisers, buyers and even business owners. Paypal transactions are secured by VeriSign. Therefore, a lot of buyers and sellers alike prefer having transactions done through PayPal.

As of any services, PayPal charges a certain amount of fees for each transaction. This amount depends on several factors such as total monthly sales, location of country and types of payment received. Not to mention different currency exchange! Therefore, things might get a little confusing especially when there are a large number of transactions done per day.

PPCalc the PayPal fee calculator

PPCalc is a free online PayPal fee calculator that helps you determine exactly how much money to receive from a buyer or to send to a seller. It takes the currency and PayPal charges fee into consideration as well. If the buyer is supposed to pay for the transaction fees, the “Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator” option should be used. The “PayPal Fee Calculator” option shows how much the buyer will receive after deducting the transaction fees.

How much would it costs YOU to send ME USD10 through PayPal if I’m from Malaysia? Any transaction fee should be footed by you. Go ahead and give PPCalc a try. Just don’t forget to send me the USD10 πŸ˜‰

IPhone Is Vulnerable To Hack Attacks!

A team from Independent Security Evaluators did some security tests on the iPhone and has found a vulnerability in it. The vulnerability enables hackers to retrieve personal information of an unsuspecting victim that is stored in the memory of the phone.

According to the article, those personal informations include “log of SMS messages, the address book, the call history, and the voicemail data”. However, the code used to exploit the iPhone can also be modified to retrieve other sensitive informations like “user’s mail passwords to the attacker, send text messages that sign the user up for pay services, or record audio that could be relayed to the attacker”.

The hacker strikes by inserting the malicious codes in a web page and lure his victims to it. Such attempts include:

  1. An attacker controlled wireless access point.
  2. A misconfigured forum website.
  3. A link delivered via e-mail or SMS.

The Independent Security Evaluators team advices all iPhone users to follow the steps below to protect themselves from such vulnerabilities:

  1. Only visit sites you trust.
  2. Only use WiFi networks you trust.
  3. Don’t open web links from emails.

A preliminary version of the attack papers is available for download. The complete version will be presented at BlackHat on 2/8/2007.

If you have an iPhone, make sure you update the software on the next security update.