Streamyx Finally Providing Faster Broadband Connection?

TM Net upgraded their services a week ago probably to improve their ailing broadband services (Streamyx). I did not feel any significant performance boost or stability in the past few days. However, the frequency of the line dropping off has reduced slightly. This is when my 3 Steps To Restore A Broadband (Streamyx) Connection still comes in handy.

I did some speed test in between and noted that my connection is fast only when I am allocated with IP addresses that begin with either 218.x.x.x or 219.x.x.x. The 60.x.x.x range has been known to suck big time. I was totally surprised when I did a speed test a while ago on a 60.x.x.x IP address range and got a really fast broadband connection speed.

Test result of Streamyx broadband

Streamyx speed test

I am on the 512kbps package. The usual speed I get on this IP address range is a pathetic 200-300 kbps with a ping time of over 800ms. I wonder if this marks the start towards a better broadband service from Streamyx. I do hope so. I haven’t tested if Streamyx is still cutting off my connection when Bitcomet is running. For this, I hope not.

Top 6 Websites To Check IP Address

There are many websites available that allow us to check our IP addresses. I noticed that every website has their own unique feature that most of the others do not. When competition is plenty, they need to do that in order to stand out.

Below is the list to the top 6 websites to check IP address.

IP address is shown at the very top. However, the rest of the page is filled with advertisements and unnecessary information.

I have been using this website to check my IP address for quite some time now. The URL is easy to remember and the interface is simple.

This website is simple and nice. It allows you to embed an iframe code into your blog or website thus allowing your visitors (including yourself) to view their IP addresses when they are visiting.

This website integrates with Google map to plot your location based on your IP address.

You can hear your IP address being read out by a recorded male voice.

[Not safe for work!] Turn down your speaker volume before you enter the website (if you haven’t already entered). This website definitely tops the list. If a female voice moaning your IP address to you doesn’t put it on top of the list, I don’t know what else will. & is the brainchild of Matt Myrick.

AdSense Payment On Hold. Pin Mailer Required

I logged into my AdSense account a few days ago and was surprised to see a “red warning” message. The message read, “Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.”

Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.

I wondered what I did wrong this time. The last time when I Accidentally Clicked On My Own Google AdSense, I reported it and Google support replied to me saying not to worry. They do understand that sometimes accidental clicks like that do happen. The system will not register such accidental clicks as valid clicks.

My AdSense payment is put on hold for safety reasons. I believe when our AdSense balance has reached a certain point (mine has just surpassed the $50 mark), Google will send us a PIN number on a postcard to our mailing address. This is to verify that we are indeed the owner of the account thus limiting the possibility of fraud.

The PIN will be printed on a white 4.5 X 6 inch postcard. It will take between 3 to 6 weeks to arrive. Once we have the PIN in hand, we can insert it into the system and our AdSense account should be back to normal again. Publishers may request to resent the PIN if it does not arrive within the first 3 weeks.

WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 Is Out

WordPress LogoThe WordPress team has just released the first beta of WordPress 2.3 for testing. New and updated features of the version 2.3 consists of plugin and core update notification, built-in tags support, faster javascript, and SEO-friendly URL redirection.

You are reminded that version 2.3 is currently still in beta. That means that this version is not stable yet. Bugs and problems are expected to crop up. If you so wished to upgrade and try out the new features, remember to:

  • backup your data nightly
  • check for latest updates and/or bug reports on the wp-testers mailing list
  • report any bugs or problems found while using

Finally, you can download WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 here.

Generate Link Badges For Your Blog Or Website

Have you seen how some websites or blogs use badges to link to a page? These badges are usually an icon the size of 80X15 pixels. They are also known as antipixel buttons. They are compact and can be very attractive if you design them properly.

These are some of the badges that I did for my blogs using the 80X15 Brilliant Button Maker by

My Technology blog

My personal blog

My old blogspot blog

The advantage of this free button generator compared to some others is that it allows you to include an image on each sides of the badge. However, the disadvantage is that they allow only 80X15 pixel badges. If you want larger badges, the Button Maker by Blog Flux allows badges the size of 88X31 pixels.