How Did You Withdraw Your PayPal Funds?

One thing I have been doing is to find ways to make money online. I can say that I have made *some* money online now as my PayPal balance is showing some figures. Not to mention some other funds that is still pending. I am aiming to earn enough to buy myself that Nikon D40x within these two months. I think I am on target. *fingers crossed*

The problem now is how do I withdraw my PayPal funds?

I have searched and found HongKiat’s VMI ATM card method. However, there is a comment written by “Jenny Low” that is scaring me away.

Paypal stated your name must match the beneficiary name in the USA bank. VMI is not under your name. It is under their name. They confirm many people got scammed especially if you have tons of money. Next thing you know, your money is gone.

Is that true? Or is Jenny just a random joker?

There is an alternative — E*trade. I don’t know much about it. I read some where that you will open a real US bank account under your name with it. I did a search on E*trade and found some stock trading website. Damn. Anyone using this?

If you really do not want to apply for neither of the two, you can always get someone to withdraw the money for you. What you do is that you transfer your PayPal fund to them and they transfer RM into your account. Of course, there will be some “charges” in between. How much? I have no idea.

To all money making bloggers:
Have you withdrawn money out from your PayPal before? How do you do it? If you ask someone to cash it out for you, how much is the cost of it?

John Cow With A New Cow-abanga Theme

John Chow’s evil moo-twin, John Cow has a new theme in place. I was expecting him to copy John Chow’s new theme but he didn’t. The new Cow 2.0 theme is a one of a kind theme for a pimped up cow.

John Cow new theme header

The new header saw him retiring the two cows found in the previous design. The cows were replaced with cars with custom cow skin paintjobs. How intelligent.

John Cow new theme sidebar

Check out the mutated cow feed button. Looks ok to me. Ah, Mr Chow was right there before me. I wonder what he has to say about the new theme.

John Cow new theme comment

Moving further down, the comment area was redesigned as well. Notice the mutated cow submit button.

John Cow new theme footer

Ahhh…want some milk?

One thing I feel needs to be changed is the font type and size used in the sidebar and footer. It looks inconsistent to the ones used in the post area. Apart from that, the words are harder to read. Overall, an OK theme.

The Ultimate Way To Promote Firefox

Are you one of those geeks who hate IE and give all glory and praise to Firefox? Have you been promoting Firefox in your blog and asking others to drop IE? How do you show your love towards Firefox?

Behold, the ultimate way to promote Firefox.

Cool Firefox Custom Paintjob

Having a ride like that is already cool enough. Having a custom Firefox paintjob makes you the best looking geek in town.

[Via SpreadFirefox]

WordPress 2.3 Release Candidate 1 Out

Finally, a stable version of the WordPress 2.3 RC1 is out. Although a lot of effort was put in to make sure this release is stable, it is still a pre-release software. If you plan to try out the new feature of WordPress 2.3, remember to backup your database before upgrading. Due to certain changes in the database for the latest version, you will not be able to revert back to your previous version without a backup. A final release of version 2.3 is scheduled on the 24th of September.

You can download WordPress 2.3 RC1 now. Check out the WordPress blog for more info.

Why I Like To Make Money Online With Blogitive

I have been writing for Blogitive for a few weeks now. From my experience, they are one of the best places a person with a small blog can start from if they want to make money online. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of Blogitive.


  • Standardized requirements of 100+ words.
  • No limit on number of posts a blogger can reserve in a day.
  • No limit on number of posts a blogger can write in a day.
  • An offer can be completed within 48 hours, giving more time for the blogger.
  • The time left before a post expired is displayed at the offer screen.
  • Pays through PayPal weekly.


  • So far, each post’s payout is $5 only.
  • I notice whenever offers are available, they come in droves. That means offers are grabbed by the same individuals that are online at that moment and are not shared equally among the rest.
  • Requires two non-sponsored posts between any of their offers.

They can overcome the second disadvantage by setting a maximum offer a blogger can reserve at any given time. For example, an individual can reserve up to two offers each time. After the offer has been completed, another offer can be reserved. That way, it prevents any individual from holding up too many offers at a time.

I have personally experienced holding up to five offers but ended up only able to finish three within the 48 hours period 😛 If you think that is a lot, I currently have 10 offers on hold. There are at least five others that I ignored simply because I doubt I can finish even the ones I have in hand.

Have you tried out Blogitive? What are your experience with it? Any tips or rants about it? Mind to share?

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.