10GB Hosting Starting From RM25

Advertisement is a good thing. Not only that the blogger putting up the advertisement earns some money from it but both the blogger and the readers get to discover new products and services occasionally.

I was blog hopping yesterday and I saw an advertisement on Google Adsense about this 10GB hosting starting from RM25. It immediately caught my attention and I went ahead to check it out. 10GB web hosting starting from just RM25

I have seen many ads on Adsense from countless web hosting companies out there but this is the first time I have heard of Curious, I did a whois on the domain name and found out that it was only registered early this month. No wonder it doesn’t even have a page rank or alexa score!

Anyway, it pans out that the RM25 for a 10GB hosting is only for 3 months. It costs RM85 for a 12 months plan. It has a 50GB bandwidth limit, which is quite a lot. One thing that I am totally amazed is that this plan allows up to 10 addon domains. That is hell-of-a-bargain! I currently have to pay an extra RM15 for an addon per year and have already added on two domains. *sigh* I hope I can strike a good deal with my current web hosting company to give me a discount or something. 😉 I am planning on getting more on board.

Anyway, considering the stuffs you get for just RM85, I would say it is a good deal. However, since it is a new company, there will be no guarantee whatsoever on the service. I’d still say you can give a try. They provide a 30 days money back guarantee so you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with it.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just find quite an interesting new company and decide to plug it. I wonder if the boss, Shahzan Nizar would give me a free account for this free review. Do you think I deserve a free account? LOL. *wink wink*

How To Minimize Windows Media Player To Taskbar

I have seen my friends minimizing windows media player to run in the taskbar. Before that, I didn’t know how it was done. I looked through the options menu franticly for a way to do it. I gave up after a while thinking that it must have been a feature on a newer version of the software.

Then I realize how simple it was. To run windows media player in your taskbar, you will need to follow the steps below. This is how it looks like at first, when you minimize it before doing any changes.

Original windows media player minimized to taskbar

Right click on the taskbar, select Toolbars and then Windows Media Player.

Change toolbar setting

That is it. Minimize your windows media player now and you will see the player running in your taskbar as shown in the image below.

Windows media player running in taskbar

Enjoy your music 🙂

PlayBoy: My First Referral From BlogRush

Checking my blog stats is something I do daily hourly more than once in an hour. Yeah, I am vain. So what?

Anyway, that is when I noticed a referral link from BlogRush. BlogRush? BlogRush?

BlogRush send first visitor due to PlayBoy title

Yes, BlogRush. I didn’t even think that BlogRush would be sending any traffic into my blog. Well, at least now I know there is at least ONE referral from BlogRush. I wonder if it was because the title contained the word “PlayBoy” that attracted the visitor. My BlogRush stats shows that there are already three referrals. Anyway, who cares? 🙂

Will I continue using it? Well, I don’t plan to ditch it out just yet. After all, they said the low click through rate is due to some people “cheating” the system. However, I don’t expect to be getting much traffic from my low traffic blog.

A Safe Method To Watch PlayBoy At Work

I stumbled upon this great gadget called Privacy Enhanced Computer Display developed by the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. This article isn’t new (the date of modification is six years ago) but I find this gadget to be very interesting and is something that I would wish to have.

The privacy enhanced computer display isn’t your ordinary desktop monitor. When you look at it with your bare eyes, all you can see is flickering grey images. You will need to wear a special pair of glasses to view the actual images displayed on the monitor. Below is a quote from the website on how this device works.

The display alternately displays the desired information in one field, then the inverse image of the desired information in the next field, at up to 120 Hz refresh. The ferroelectric shutter glasses allow only the desired information to be viewed, while the inverse image causes unauthorized viewers to perceive only a flickering gray image, caused by the persistence of vision in the human visual system.

This device was initially designed for use in public place such as hospitals, banks, pharmacies and government departments. In those places, confidential information displayed on a monitor is at risk of being exposed to onlookers. Therefore, the implementation of this device protects data security and ensures only staff members are able to view the data.

So, why would I want a device like this?

A safe method to watch PlayBoy
* Image taken and edited from the privacy enhanced computer display website and *

First Snail Mail From Google

My Adsense payment has been put on hold by Google last month. They sent me a pin number to my address that I needed to key in. This is part of their security measures taken to protect their publishers.

I got a mail from Google yesterday. To my excitement, it contained the PIN number that I needed. Upon reaching home, I immediately launched my Adsense account to key in the PIN number. That is when I see the screenshot below.

Adsense error message while entering PIN number

*sigh* I hope the support team is working on this error. I have no idea what it is. I hope it doesn’t affect my account in anyway.

Good news to myself. My Adsense earning has surpassed the $100 minimum payout. If I am not mistaken, I will only be receiving my check end of November due to this payment hold. I can almost see my Nikon D40x already. WooHoo! But first, I will need to decide on a method to withdraw my PayPal earnings.