Gogopal GPS Navigator Q4.3 review

A while back, I received a gogopal Q4.3 Personal Navigation Device unit for review. The unit has maps for both Malaysia and Singapore. In the box you’ll find the GPS unit, car cradle, car charger, USB cable and pouch. One noticeable item missing from the list is a house charger. I later find out that it comes together only with the Q5.0 version. You can purchase it separately from gogopal at RM30.

The navigation system is powered by Korea’s top navigation software — SpeedNavi. Its Malaysia and Singapore maps are provided by MapIT, which also supplies the two country’s maps for Google Maps.

Unit specification:

• 4.3” inches screen size
• 12mm thick
• 2GB microSD
• 3.5mm headphone jack.
• Stylus

The gogopal Q4.3 GPS unit runs on Windows CE 6.0 OS. Apart from the GPS navigation software, the unit comes with music and movie players, photo viewer, eBook reader, games and flash player. It also has some miscellaneous tools like note, calculator and calendar.

On the map layout screen, tap the bottom bar to show customizable shortcut icons to other menu items. To start navigation, you can tap on the bottom bar to bring out shortcut links to saved home, office or favourite locations.


The GPS navigation software’s UI is available in 11 languages including English, Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish and French. Its voice navigation is available in 9 languages including English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.


Gogopal GPS Q4.3 POI name search

You can search any location by point-of-interest (POI) name, address, postal code (Singapore only) or nearby amenities. One thing I like about their text search option is their ‘auto-discover’ feature. As you type, the letters on the virtual keyboard enables/disables itself to identify the next possible letter. That way, you will never hit a “no result found” popup.

Gogopal GPS Q4.3 category search

When you search for a POI name and it returns a massive amount of result, you can further refine search result by tapping on the ‘City’ button. You can then select the state and city of the location you are looking for. The final result will only display the POI from the selected city.


Gogopal GPS Q4.3 upcoming turn navigation

During normal navigation, there will be indicators on the right that shows the distance of the upcoming 2 turns. One feature that places SpeedNavi above my existing GPS software (hacked google maps on Android) is the availability of ‘junction view’. As shown in the screenshot, a big arrow indicates the path that you need to take for the next turn. This eliminates guessing and improves safety.

Gogopal GPS Q4.3 to-down bird's eye view

When you are approaching certain checkpoints, the navigation display may split into 2 horizontal panes. The new pane on the right will show a top-down bird’s eye view of the next turn.

Apart from the recommended route, you may press the ‘Route’ button to bring up other route options such as ‘Avoid highway’, ‘Shortest’ and ‘Highway’. If you would pass through a particular route, you may tap the location on the map and select the ‘Way Point’ button.

There is a ‘Toll Road’ option under the settings –> route menu. You can set this to avoid, allow or ask me. When set to ‘Ask Me’, SpeedNavi will then ask for your confirmation each time you set a new destination that may pass through a tollgate.

Warnings / Alert:

Gogopal GPS Q4.3 warning indicator

SpeedNavi has a speed limit warning feature. You get alerted when you exceed the speed limit in that area. At times when you are approaching a turn, it may give out a continuous beep accompanied by a blinking icon on the map to prevent you from making a wrong turn. Besides that, you will also get a voice alert whn you are approaching a sharp bend. All these features can be turned on / off in the settings.


The Q4.3 version has a RRP of RM299. Meanwhile, the Q5.0 version has a RRP of RM499.


The SpeedNavi system delivers most functionality a user should need. I am happy with the ease of use and multiple options to search for any location — the POI search is particularly useful. I am confident in the completeness and accuracy of the map provided since MapIT provides maps for the widely used Google Maps as well.
If you are interest in buying a gogopal GPS unit, you may check out their online partners.

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  1. snua86 says:

    I just got this device last saturday, and had been using it during my recent trip to Selangor…
    As what the author described above, one of my favorite features is the specific locating of the POI…

  2. Jimmy says:

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    38C-4 Jalan Radin Anum, bandar Baru seri Petaling 57000
    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    TEL 603-9057-1203 ext 203

  3. PHP Developer says:

    I am using Sygic Navigator app on my smartphone and I think this is also the best navigator app, but it takes lots of space that is why I want to replace it with this app if the size is low as comparing with Sygic.

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