Celcom Broadband + Compaq Notebook + Modem Only RM159 A Month

If you are still thinking which wireless broadband provider in Malaysia to choose from, hopefully this will help you out. Celcom is currently having a great promotion to get you to sign up to their Celcom Broadband service.

Celcom Broadband + Compaq Notebook + USB promotion

This promotion includes service for Celcom Broadband, a Compaq Notebook and a USB modem. You get to bring home all this for only RM159 a month! You get to save up to RM1014.

You will be signed up to the Celcom Broadband basic package which costs RM68 per month. This package allows you to surf the Internet with speeds up to 384 Kbps. The Celcom Broadband USB modem comes with 1 year warranty.

Below are some of the specifications for the Compaq Notebook:

  • Model: HP Compaq Presario C700
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core processor T2330 1.6 Ghz
  • Memore: 1024MB 667 Mhz
  • Hard Disk Drive: 160GB
  • Display: 15.4″ TFT WXGA LCD panel with brightview technology
  • Optical Drive: DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive
  • Dimension: 35.7 x 25.7 x 3.28 ~ 4cm
  • Weight: 2.76kg with 6 cell battery

This looks like a pretty good promotion. At least until I read the fine prints.

* Upfront payment required. Minimum subscription of 24 months. For a limited period only.

As usual, you can find out more at Celcom’s promotion page at the official website or call Celcom Careline at 1-300 111 000. You can also call 1111 directly from your Celcom mobile. If you prefer a more personal approach, just visit your nearest Celcom branch or Blue Cube outlet.

Offer valid while stock lasts!

27 thoughts on “Celcom Broadband + Compaq Notebook + Modem Only RM159 A Month

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  2. James says:

    Looks like quite a good plan. Wonder if can pay instalment using credit card? Some banks allow 12 months interest free instalment plan.

  3. Ani says:

    My husband has signed up for this package. What is meant by ‘upfront payment required’ is not the total amount, but the first instalment i.e. rm159. There is a contract of 24 months, so it goes:-

    rm159 x 24 months = rm3816

    In the event the puschaser cancels the contract prior to the 24th month, he will need to pay rm3816 minus whatever amount already paid.

    For more info, you can contact the nearest Celcom centre or Blue Cube.

    Good Luck!

  4. qubix says:

    Its a good and valued package.. for those who are cannot afford to buy laptop.. but please take note that, the notebook provided is not the best one..

    Of course you can use the notebook for internet surfing and any other basic work (such as microsoft office, etc). But if you think you need high performance notebook, better not to subsribe this plan.

    In addition, you’ll be tied under the contract 24 month (2 years).

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. If that is the case, their deal is the norm. Many other “package” promotion work that way. That is, if you terminate the contract before it expires, you’ll need pay the full amount anyway.

    You sound a little negative towards the notebook. It definitely is not a high end notebook. However, it is more than adequate for normal to intermediate use.

  6. darmantokasan says:

    I’m so happy if available for a monthly unlimited access,active used only for 10 days in month,for example RM 25 per month.I thing many people will be more interest about it.Thank you.

  7. Raymond Wong says:

    Celcom should come up with a choice of various packages to make broadband more friendly user.

    i.e.BroadBand Modem + wireless router(12V) using
    mobile car battery support at remote locations.

    Existing Celcom broadband modem is just stand alone usage.

  8. Busy Bee says:

    HI wanna to know. Is it means the RM159 per month already including the broadband fee? or I need to pay another RM68 for the internet fee? The RM159 only installment cost for laptop and modem?

  9. rozaihan says:

    tlg saya nak pakej ini kerana saya mmerlukan laptop dgan broadbannd ini,utk mmenuhi kperluan seharian saya

  10. Andrew Balit Jemarang says:

    I am still not sure about this package. is this what you mean we pay internet access for only RM68 per month with unlimited time to use internet access plus we pay again for the laptop and modem for RM159 per month for 24month.

    And after we pay both the request package, you give us the laptop and modem and we bring it home, correct?

    I am living Belaga area 50miles away from town can I use celcom broadband without any problem?

    I want to start subscribe next month after receiving your answer.

    Hope you reply immediately upon receiving my message ok.

  11. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Busy Bee: The RM159 promotion includes the modem, notebook and Celcom Broadband service (the RM68 package).

    @rozaihan: Anda perlu daftar pakej ini dari Celcom atau Blue Cube.

    @Andrew Balit Jemarang: You only need to pay RM159 per month for 24 months (minimum contract) and you will get 3 things — notebook, USB modem and Celcom Braodband service (worth RM68).

    That means the total you need to pay is RM3816 (RM159 X 24).

  12. Tok Guru says:

    Hi..this package still available or not?..
    Since this package is for 24 months contract, how about the payment method for every month?..


  13. Tok Guru says:

    I think the specs that your given for the laptop for the screen size was not correct, because in celcom website, it was 14.1 inch instead of 15.4 inch.

  14. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Tok Guru: Their promotion is while stocks last. The specs I gave is correct as the model was HP Compaq Presario C700. That stock must have finished as they are giving out another model right now — thus the difference in screen size.

    @adda: While stocks last. Please check the Celcom website for promotion updates.

    @raziman & budin: I believe this Celcom Broadband promotion is only for new customers. Existing customers do not get the notebook. Unless you cancel your existing account and sign up for the new one but I assume early cancellation fees (if any) do apply. Please contact Celcom customer service to confirm.

  15. Erol says:

    hi, promotion rm159 sampai bila dan macam mana nak bayar cash atau credit card ataupun debit kad. t kach

  16. Hafiz says:

    Several points that i want to share and ask:
    1.I am very dissapointed with the celcom sale service.I was told that this promotion available at the blue cube and the celcom centre.I went to 2 blue cube centres and was told the promotion only available at the celcom main service centre.I am tired to tell what happened next when i once again went to the main centre and dealing with the staff that is not fully trained and well informed about the latest promotion.Hopefully this matter will be solved and made clear by the celcom sales team.

    2.Question: During the 24 months contract,will i be able to upgrade my broadband( the rm 68 one) to a higher package?

    3.Question: Can you tell the actual price of the note book offered and what is the latest brand ,is it the Hp compact presario c700 or Hp CQ40?I am asking this because the celcom staff that i went to that day given a lot of wrong information to me.

  17. STAFF YG MMRHTI says:

    i staff drpd branch jb…11-13/march/2011 ada it & pc fair di jb…wlpn i staff……..i ttp akn brpihak pd yg benar…knpe prlu mnpu cstmr??i xpuas hti dgn “OTHER PACKAGE”sebelum ini pakej HP MINI NETBOOK RM888,CONTRAK 1 THN,+RM100 FOR MODEM+DATA PACKAGE total 988….right????tp mse fair,i buat promotion “HP MINI NETBOOK+MODEM+DATA PACKAGE+GET FREE POUCH SLEEVE 4 NETBOOK[RM35](pdhl mmg dpt free drpd hp)”dgn hrge yg same tp tnpe CONTRACT..klau semua nk thu…netbook yg djual adlh MADE IN CHINA!!!!n mudah rsak!!!!hrge yg dproleh drpd pmbekal sgt murah!!!n jauh brbeza drpd ape yg dpromosikn…pd happy hour HP pc fair.netbook itu djual dgn hrge yg sgt murah…beli 15 netbook dgn hrge rm550[sebuah] dpt free 15biji mouse,keybod cver,skrin protection,usb dvd,pouch…tp brg2 free djual blik..sgguh bjak!!!!!!!!!sya sgguh xpuas hti dgn manager sy!!!mnpu org!!!!!!!!!mnpu staff+srh staff mnpu cstmr…org lain pn nk untung taw…tp jgn smpai nk lbih2,u all nk kmpul duit naik aji ke???dah 6 cstmer cmplain yg pc screen short..tgh cas mltop…nettbook pd phk brknaan tlg lh jgn mlampau….jgn smpai ade yh report pD HAL EHWAL PENGGUNA*…



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