Are You Gonna Nang My Innit?

I am lucky enough to have attracted someone who wanted to be a guest blogger in this technology blog. However, this person does not wish to disclose his/her identity yet under certain circumstances. After reading the guest post, I agreed to publish it in my blog.

Please note that the post below is a guest post. It wasn’t written by me. However, I do share some of the sentiment brought up in the post. Critics and comments are highly welcomed to help improve the services and purpose of the said website.

***** Guest Post Begin *****

Innit. The latest system available from Nuffnang which promises to drive traffic to Nuffnangers. It’s definitely a very promising move and caring at the same time as traffic fundamentally is the core subject in determining a person’s blog earning or more specifically in this case, one’s Nuffnang’s earning.

The reason it’s caring and controversial at the same time lies on its aim of increasing traffic volume. Advertisers pay more for higher traffic blogs, no doubt. Hence, by increasing blogger’s traffic in a legitimate way, it helps the bloggers to have a much wider exposure and hence advertisers paying them a higher premium in return, more or less a deliberate attempt of a win-win situation from both ends.

However, this key feature isn’t exactly an easy task. How do you deliberate exposes the blogs to a whole new level in spite of the existing available means?

The platform the current bloggers in the Malaysia and Singapore region relies on their own Project Petaling Street and Ping.Sg. So, the million dollar question is, what makes Innit standout to outperform the existing platforms?

From the prevailing Innit outlook, it looks like another format of Though is more or less restricted to Singapore bloggers, Innit caters for only pure nuffnangers.

This is the dilemma, both and PPS both are the bigger pie of audience but Innit is merely an intersection faction of either, which in a way means their exposure can be in fact less than the 2 older platforms, i.e. less audience. This is then quite worrying, because the main selling point is driving traffic, and traffic relies on audience. Of course, the positive note from it is that it’s a combination of both regions of nuffnangers…

For the PPS users ( since they don’t use ), Innit’s “nang” function does offer a breath of creativity. Where users can see which is the most attractive or “digged” the most. But then again, noticing the “nang” trends, it just relates to us the same psychology effect of whether you get the necessary traffic from PPS, it’s mostly based on the “attractiveness” of the title of the entry. But isn’t this the same logic that’s being apply to PPS users as well? By default, most nuffnangers are PPS users also…

Therefore, Innit doesn’t actually offer what we don’t already know from driving traffic when in fact it applies the same principle as PPS and

To conclude, the most fundamental aspect at the moment that would really make Innit stands out is how enthusiastic are the Nuffnangers, are they going to be the force to distinguish themselves from the existing PPS and Ping.Sg users and make the nuffnang community readership beyond our common logic or comprehension ?

So, this post is gonna be on Innit, I wonder if it’ll be “nang”ed ?

***** Guest Post End *****

Since it is almost 5 am, I couldn’t really think straight right now. I do have my own opinions regarding Nuffnang’s Innit as well. I will put them in the comments area or update this post once I have the time.

If you haven’t already, please nang this post.

9 thoughts on “Are You Gonna Nang My Innit?

  1. Danny Foo says:

    Well, the title is one thing but I feel what’s mainly missing now is a button or plugin for blogs to have in their post so its a better way to nang it then to ask readers to click on a text link.

    So far no one else commented on Innit yet.

  2. says:

    Innit Doesn’t do it for me….

    Need to remove the need for a nuffnang account and ad, and need to add an auto-ping function.

    Essentially what I’m looking for is PPS with Digg features…

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