First Time Withdraw Adsense Earnings Through Western Union

After eight months running Google Adsense in my blogs, I finally accumulated enough money to make my first cash out last month. Since one month ago, we are able to cash out our Adsense earning through Western Union. I opted for the Western Union cash out method over the conventional check since it is faster and free of charges.

Adsense cashout at CIMB Western Union

I went to a nearby CIMB branch which has Western Union services to withdraw my money. I requested for the necessary form from the guard. I filled up the form as fast as I could. It is an unbelievable feeling to finally receive some cash from my blogging adventure.

I took a number and was served almost immediately. I presented the form together with my IC. My transaction was processed without a problem. You can read LiewCF’s attempt to withdraw his Adsense earnings from Western Union. There are two differences between our individual experiences. Firstly, the counter staff didn’t ask me what the purpose of the money is for. Secondly, I don’t remember her photocopying my IC. However, I was withdrawing RM400 while LiewCF could be withdrawing RM4,000 or more. So, that could be the reason for the differences.

Adsense CIMB cash out successful

Anyway, after doing some calculation, the exchange rate was at 3.3146. Where did you withdraw your Adsense earnings and what was the exchange rate?

12 thoughts on “First Time Withdraw Adsense Earnings Through Western Union

  1. liciece says:

    I have no chance to withdraw money from googleads because my account was suspended and never be restored.But from other times that I received funds by Western Union,RHB was provided a better rate than CIMB.So you may try it next time. 🙂

  2. Danny Foo says:

    Do you need a bank account with Cimb in order to withdraw from there?

    Post office and bank is near my place but wondering which may be better.

    The last time I did it was through Msybank itself. Long wait and less cash.

  3. Azmeen says:

    Actually when it comes to Western Union, the rates doesn’t matter. You will always get the worse rate between:

    1) The rate when payment is issued; and
    2) The rate when payment is received

    Let’s say when the payment is issued USD$1 = RM3.15 and when you’re cashing out the WU transaction it is USD$1 = RM3.13, you will get the last rate.

    Scenario 2: when the payment is issued USD$1 = RM3.13 and when you’re cashing out the WU transaction it is USD$1 = RM3.15, you will get the first rate (exchange rate at issuance time).

    This shouldn’t matter much though if the differences were minimal.

    And if you don’t mind 10/3, I’d like to answer Danny’s question; no, you don’t need a bank account to obtain your WU moolah. They’ll give it to you in cold hard cash.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Andrew Ooi
    Ah, I see. That would be the same rate as mine.

    Thanks for the info. I will try out RHB next time since the two banks are just side by side.

    Wish you able to cash out your adsense earnings sooner 🙂

    @Danny Foo
    You don’t need a bank account since the transaction is done separately. You can go to any bank or even the post office that has Western Union service.

    Thanks for answering Danny’s question. Oh, I didn’t know about that. Anyway, it’s true that the difference won’t be that big. Unless I am cashing out hundreds or thousands of US$ (which I am not). LOL.

  5. muzammal says:

    Congratulations man I have just started to earn with adsense. I want to earn more and more with it.

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