Public Bank Debit Card Arrived And $500 Withdrawal

This is a really late update. Last Thursday (1st November), I received a sorry note from PosLaju. The only thing I was expecting to receive is my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. Since my debit card application was only processed a week ago, I wasn’t too optimistic about it. However, I was hoping that it was my debit card waiting for me.

I quickly drove to the PosLaju office to pickup my letter. I was delighted to receive an envelope with the words “Public Bank Berhad” printed below my address. I knew it must be my debit card in it.

Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

So, it does take about seven working days to get a Public Bank debit card approved. Well, it is true if you do not include the time your application sit helplessly in a corner in the Public Bank office waiting to be picked up and processed.

Anyway, I tried to add my new visa debit card into my PayPal account. Unfortunately, I was hit by an error message indicating that I couldn’t add the card into the system. I was furious and disappointed. I got the error message below.

This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

I tried searching for a solution at Google and found LiewCF’s article on his Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. That was when I realized that I had to transfer more than the initial RM25 into my debit card because PayPal will charge a small fee (about US$1) to add my debit card.

I immediately rushed to a nearby Public Bank to bank in RM50 into the card using the cash deposit machine. If you would like to transfer funds into your debit card through a cash deposit machine, remember to select the option “Credit Card Payment”. Insert your debit card number and check to make sure it is your name on the screen.

After transferring the money, I went home and tried to add my Public Bank debit card into PayPal again. This time, it worked. I can now start to withdraw my hard earned PayPal funds and touch real cash.

I have read some others advising us not to immediately withdraw a large sum of money or else PayPal may become suspicious and put our accounts on hold. After considering this matter for a while, I decided to withdraw the maximum allowed (US$500) instead. If PayPal does put my account on hold, I guess I will just have to go through the trouble to verify myself by sending in some documents. I am willing to take the risk rather than waste $5 for every extra transaction that I will do by making smaller withdrawals.

I wonder if anyone else has made a large withdrawal (eg $500) from PayPal successfully without raising the alarm. Have you?

I will be making the withdrawal right after this. Wish me luck!

34 thoughts on “Public Bank Debit Card Arrived And $500 Withdrawal

  1. kljs says:

    sometimes it’s not the bank’s fault… it’s Pos Malaysia fault…. for sending the mail slow…..

    I haven’t got my pin number yet…. I got my PB Debit Card earlier last week…. already more than one week already…..

    and did Paypal raised the alarm on your max withdrawal?

  2. Andrew Ooi says:

    I have made withdrawals of RM 400 and RM 900 the past consequtive 2 days. But that was from my sister’s PayPal debit card. I withdraw both times from a Hong Leong Bank ATM machine.

    So far there has been no messages or warning from PayPal.

  3. liciece says:

    I hope you have received your funds wholly.I havd applied it onlne yesterday and I will send out all docs by tomorrow.But as I am a foreigner,I still can’t ensure whether all procedures will be smooth like your guy met.Bless me… 🙂

  4. Jys says:

    wow cool, i’ll be collecting mine at the branch in about 30 minutes later. haha, should have gotten it last friday but they delivered it to my house instead of to the branch, i requested it to be redirected to the branch.. ~sigh

    I got RM 30 deposited, so i guess should be enough for paypal to deduct USD 1 la..

    good luck with the withdrawal!!

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    Where got fast? LOL. Anyway, it took 3 weeks from the day I sent my application form myself using express courier service and me receiving the card.

    I didn’t send using PosLaju. I sent using ABX Express. Their system indicated that Public Bank received my application from the next day after I sent it. I haven’t withdrawn yet because I notice that newly added cards MAY require us to verify it before withdrawing.

    @Andrew Ooi
    It doesn’t matter when we withdraw the cash from ATM machines. I believe PayPal will only raise the alert when we try to withdraw the cash from PayPal to our cards.

    I’ll be applying for e-banking for my Public bank debit card. That way, I can check the number for expanded use faster. Hopefully everything will go smoothly after that. I hope you get your card approved too.

    Congrats. Yeah, RM30 should be enough.

    Because PB exchange rate better is it? LOL.

    Cool. I think Jys went through the same process. Everything should be completed soon.

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  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    If you have an accepted bank account that works with PayPal, you can transfer the money into the bank account for free as long as it is above the minimum amount set. This amount varies for each bank/country. However, I don’t think PayPal accept any banks from Malaysia yet.

  8. Martin says:

    Hi all, I use the PBB debit card as well to withdraw funds form PayPal. My most recent account statement shows a considerable charge for all the withdrawals made during the course of the year. Anyone of you have any comments on this. I had the impression that it was free.

  9. Martin says:

    I just called PBB and they said that the system automatically registers all Paypal withdrawals as a chargeback by the user on retail transactions. As a result, your Mega Bonus will be deducted from the user’s account. But since it was not a chargeback by the user, PBB has to manually credit the user’s account – only if you tell them about it. It will then be reflected in the next statement.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Martin says:

    After weeks of complaining to PayPal I finally was able to withdraw money in USD instead of having to change it back to RM before withdrawal. This is of course welcomed since PayPal’s FOREX rates are much lower than the market rate. Another money generator for them. Not sure what the rest of you are experiencing.

  11. CHIN says:

    I had applied public debit card today and I heard that $5 will be charge when I withdraw cash from ATM machine (Is that true?). Can I transfer the cash from debit card to my public bank saving account and withdraw without $5 being charge? Please assist.

  12. Hassu says:

    Hi… I just wondering, can i used that card for sending, received and withdrawal money to someone outside malaysia through paypal? If it does, what requuirement to get this card? I’m still 17 and i want to buy something that need someone from outside malaysia to buy it for me…

  13. Martin says:

    There is no charge when withdrawing money out of your PBB Debit Card. There is a charge of USD5 per withdrawal from PayPal. When your transactions grow, PayPal will increase the amount you can withdraw in a day.

    Another thing to take note, as your volume of sales increase you can get lower per transaction fees. You will have to activate it yourself as it is not automated – obviously… it makes them more money if people are ignorant of it.

  14. CHIN says:

    I got payment from website that i earned it it was credited to my paypal account on 06 July 2009. I checked my paypal history listing and it cleary stated there is amount credited to me. But i am in dilemma because i still have not receive any amount in my public bank until today. Why paypal take such a long time to transfer credit to my local bank? I got no problem if made payment. I had purchase item before. I don’t understand why paypal still haven’t transfer amount to me

  15. CHIN says:

    Hi, Martin,

    How to withdraw manually? Sorry i do not understand. Can you explain further? There is not cash credited to my public bank.

  16. Martin says:

    There is a link that says “withdraw”. Click on it the rest is pretty simple or you can use the help that is available on the site.

  17. CHIN says:

    Thank you so much. You are so helpful. I think i got what you mean. My earnings is USD 2 but the withdrawal cost is USD 5. That means i will loss and rugi if i withdraw the fund. Am i right? Please correct me if i am not.

    “”(Withdraw funds to your card 5-7 business Days $5.00 USD) “”

  18. Tey says:

    Aura.Please read the post up need to chose credit card payment in the cash deposit machine.hope it works.Good Luck!

  19. zackick says:

    Everybody I just today went to PB branh to see what it takes to apply
    for pb debit card, so now not sure the policy and the caj involve .
    Any body can help????????///

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