How To Open .ppsx File In PowerPoint 2003

I received a .ppsx file last night from a friend. I recognize a .pps file as a PowerPoint file but have never seen a .ppsx file before. I had a feeling that it was a PowerPoint file so I proceeded to open it with my Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. I was smacked with the error message below instead.

PowerPoint can’t read the outline from [file_name].ppsx. No text converter is installed for this file type.

The error occurred because .ppsx files are created using PowerPoint 2007. Unfortunately, the file is not backward compatible. You will either need to ask your friend to re-save it so that it is usable for the 2003 version, or you can try out the hack below.

After searching around I found this tip on how to open a .ppsx file using PowerPoint 2003. All you need to do is to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. [download here]

You might need to install all high priority Windows Updates for this to work.

After installing the software, right click on the .ppsx file that you want to open. Select Open With and then Microsoft Open XML Converter.

How To Open .ppsx file in PowerPoint 2003

You should be able to open your file now.

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