Public Bank Debit Card Application Processing

I called Public Bank’s customer care centre and found out that my application is finally entered into their system. I sent the application form using express courier on the 10/10/2007 and they received it on 11/10/2007. This is confirmed after checking the courier company’s tracking system. However, my application was entered into their system only on 24/10/2007.

That is almost two weeks! To be fair, there were a few days of holiday and a weekend in between but still, that is quite long. I asked him how long it will take before my debit card can be approved. He told me it would take another two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

I immediately told the guy I need my application to be processed urgently. Unfortunately, I was told to call during office hours when the credit card department is open. Too bad. I guess I just need to call them tomorrow morning and hopefully there won’t be any other problems.

12 thoughts on “Public Bank Debit Card Application Processing

  1. Jys says:

    I submitted on the 5th of Oct to the branch, the branch showed me HQ confirmed received my application on the 9th of Oct, and only on 24 Oct my application is in their system…

  2. KennyP says:

    I have just called them after reading your post, you know what they told me? They said that they didn’t receive my application form yet.

    OMG, I sent the application form using PosLaju one day earlier than you.

    Public Bank is too slow..

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Yeah, must have been.

    Yeah, I suspected that sending in through the branch, and wait for them to send to the HQ will take longer. I think they send the forms to the HQ once a week or something like that, definitely not daily to reduce cost. And what the HQ will do is to process the forms in batches also. *sigh*

    Wah, like that also can? I think you better check with PosLaju to make sure it isn’t lost during transportation. Maybe PB haven’t enter your application into their system yet.

  4. leona says:

    I applied for mine at the Kajang branch on 4th Oct, and only received the letter to confirm my application and that I needed to bank in RM25 yesterday, so that’s like nearly a month. I don’t know how to long to wait for the card to be ready for pick up. It’s definitely extremely slow process….

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  6. Gabby says:

    izzit the pb debit card can aplly on9 acess thru PBonline?? coz i got apply at ATM for pin but cant…izzit the PBonline only for PB a/c holder only??
    coz im not PB a/c holder, i only apply debit card oni…

  7. TenthOfMarch says:

    You will get the PIN to the debit card through snail mail, a few days or week(s) after receiving your debit card. They send it separately for security reasons.

    If you want to have online banking for your debit card, you will need to:
    1) Apply for a savings account
    2) Request to combine/connect the savings account and the debit card
    3) Apply for online ebanking account

    If you don’t apply for a savings account, you cannot have online account for debit card.

  8. miss says:

    if i only apply for debit card and i DON’T have saving account in public bank, can i still use my debit card for online purchasing just as same as others WITH debit card+saving/current account in public bank?
    pls reply me..thanx..

  9. TenthOfMarch says:

    @miss: You can use it like a normal “credit card” to do your online purchases, pump petrol, pay at restaurant, etc WITHOUT opening a savings account. You only need to open the savings account if you want to apply for the ebanking service AND connect the debit card with the savings account. If you do this, you can transfer money to and from the card and your savings account online.

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