How To Maximize Adsense Earnings

When creating an Adsense for Content banner ad unit, you can choose text only banner, image only banner or a combination of both. All along, I have been selecting the text and image banner type. This allows advertisers to place image ads in my blog.

I checked and noticed two top tech bloggers in Malaysia having different approach when it comes to displaying Adsense banner ads. One displays text only ad units while the other displays text and image ad units. I have the impression that text only ad unit is able to generate more revenue compared to text and image ad units. I could be wrong.

According to the post in the Adsense Blog:

As a rule of thumb, we recommend opting into both text and image ads. Doing so expands the pool of advertisers competing to display on your site – both on a CPC and CPM basis – therefore maximizing your site’s revenue potential. It also helps to choose an ad format that supports both text and image ads.

The Adsense team recommends using the text and image ad units to maximize revenue. However, does this apply to all types of blogs? Does it depend on the area that your banner ads will appear as well? Maybe some area in your theme works better with text only ads while others with image only ads?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experimented on which type of banner ad unit works better for you? Does turning off the “targeting” option bring in more revenue?

3 thoughts on “How To Maximize Adsense Earnings

  1. pepper says:

    After 15000 impressions, i have made $0.50 cents. So why the fuss? Clicking not happening on my site I guess!

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