Al Rahji Debit Card And PayPal

The entire blogosphere or at least among those who make money online blogging got excited when PayPal announced that they allow PayPal withdrawal into some credit and debit cards. Everyone started trying their available credit and debit cards to see if they worked. Those that failed started looking forward to applying a new card.

For an almost complete and growing list of credit cards and debit cards that either does or does not work with PayPal, check out Steven Wong’s blog.

Earlier, I had a choice between Public Bank Visa Electron debit card and Al Rahji debit card. I chose the former thinking that Public Bank must be more established. Another reason although unimportant is that I felt that their debit cards look a lot nicer than Al Rahji’s.

Anyway, my Public Bank debit card application seems to be taking forever! The nice gentleman that spoke to me the first day sounded really helpful and gave me the optimism that Public Bank is the right choice. However, the consequent calls are nothing close.

It is no secret that the service provided by Public Bank sucks. Just read the two posts below to find out why.

Despite sending my application personally using express courier service to Public Bank’s HQ, my application isn’t even entered into the system yet. I have no choice but to try out Al Rahji. They do not have a bank in my area so I called up their customer service to ask if I can apply through postal. Unfortunately, it is not possible. All application needs to be done in their office. I might make a trip down to KL next week or so to get it done.

Things I learned about Al Rahji from customer service

  1. You will get an ATM card when you apply for the savings account. This ATM card can be used as a debit card to receive funds and make online payment.
  2. The logo on their card is a Visa Plus sign. The lady told me that Al Rahji currently has no link with any other banks. Therefore, all withdrawal of money from other bank’s ATM machines will be charged RM10. The RM10 charge is for the Visa Plus charges.
  3. When your Al Rahji debit card is credited with cash, it goes straight into your savings account. Therefore, you do not need to manually transfer it “out from your debit card”.
  4. Al Rahji has sweet-voiced lady customer service personnel, unlike Public Bank. Pfffff.

12 thoughts on “Al Rahji Debit Card And PayPal

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  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    Wahaha. One thousand also not yet. I need it to buy my dslr.

    Haha. True also. Of course, can withdraw some money and spend šŸ™‚

    Thanks for informing me.

  3. hafez says:

    to all, whoever wants to open an account with al-rajhi bank (in order to obtain the debit-atm card, kindly drop me an email at
    i’m not sure what is paypal actually, but most of the customer who came to open an account (in order to obtain al-rajhi debit card) says it is for the usage of paypal. using al-rajhi card it works to their needs.
    i try my best to assist u better, maybe u dont even have to come to the bank to open an account
    iā€™m working with al-rajhi bank frontline as well.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    @susanne1013: I read people saying they are able to verify their PayPal account and accept payment with RHB debit cards. Unfortunately, I have not tried this myself so I cannot verify this.

  5. SKyle says:

    I had some issues linking the Al Rajhi Debit Card to my PayPal Account. I’ve sorted it out, need to have some money in the Account. If RM50 is locked on to the account, top it up so PayPal can make the USD$1.95 deduction through it. Otherwise you’ll keep getting this message “this credit card has been denied by the issuing bank.” A minor problem whilst initiating a link to your debit card. Cheers and good luck.

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