Wanted Dead Or Alive $2000 Cash Reward

There are some web tools that display some findings based on some aspects in your blog. Although the end result may not be accurate or even logic sometimes, it is still fun to play with.

I found this service at JustSayHi that allows you to check your blog to see what reason it is wanted for and how much the cash reward is. I gave it a try a few times and found that although the cash reward remains the same, the reason for it being wanted changes every single time.

The HTML code provided doesn’t seem to work in my blog. Below are screenshots of the wanted poster of all three of my blogs.

TenthOfMarch.com wanted dead or alive for $2000 cash ChanKelwin.com wanted dead or alive for $1800 cash VocalJunkie.com wanted dead or alive for $1900cash


I swear this is a lie. I have never humped any awesome mule’s buttocks before. In fact, I have never humped any buttocks before. I swear!

I was a little disappointed knowing that I am only wanted for $2000 max. However, I checked with John Chow and John Cow and notice they were wanted for a little less than me. I have no idea what the algorithm is like but who cares? At least I know my blogs are more notorious than theirs.

How much is your blog wanted for?

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