Maxis Broadband Throttles Download Speed

Fellow blogger Freethinker SOS-ed me the other day. He subscribed to Maxis Broadband and noticed his torrent download is very slow — less than 1kb/s. That is extremely slow indeed. There is no doubt that even a dial up connection can be faster than that.

After checking the Maxis Broadband fair usage policy, there is a few sections that indicated download activities such downloading torrents is prohibited and may result in bandwidth throttling.

5.2.1 Certain software/applications which is used by a small number of customers to send and receive files containing very large amounts of data (including without limitation traffic from peer-to-peer software/applications (such as Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella) or file sharing software (such as Limewire)). These activities may cause network congestion and can negatively impact the speed at which other customers can access the internet.

5.2.2 Maxis does not guarantee a service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer or file sharing software/applications.

5.2.3 The system that is used to provide the Maxis Broadband service can identify very high bandwidth users and Maxis seeks to manage the customer’s usage by throttling their bandwidth to a much lower broadband speed to ensure fairness to all customers.

If you plan to download files using P2P programs, you are better off not using Maxis Broadband. In case this is not enough to deter you, there is yet another section in the Maxis Broadband fair usage policy that you may want to take a look at.

5.3.1 Each customer’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed 3GB of data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no individual hogs the bandwidth at all times.

If you plan to use more than 3GB of data transfer per month, you will need to have a written request to Maxis. The approval of your application is entirely up to Maxis.

You got to love the broadband services provided by our Malaysian providers. It is like going for a buffet dinner that costs RM100 per head and having the below conversation/situation happen to you.

Manager: I am sorry sir but you will have to stop eating now.

You: Huh? I thought buffets are for me to eat as much as I can?

Manager: Yes, sir. However, you have been eating too much, more than what we can afford you to eat. In fact, you are eating other customer’s portion. You really have to stop now, sir.

You: Shut up. I am going for that turkey over there. Try stopping me if you can.

[At this point, the manager calls 5 security guards and straps you to your chair preventing you from eating anymore food.]

Manager: I will bring you your dessert and bill. Thank you very much. Do come and dine in our wonderful buffet restaurant again.

This policy isn’t new. Jeff Ooi reported it a year ago.

45 thoughts on “Maxis Broadband Throttles Download Speed

  1. clement says:

    this is total bull, everyone in china can use net with no throttle, and p2p is running at speed of 800kb, and they still get good speed. anyway, can bypass it by using a china software

  2. lazyfellow says:

    yea i just subscribed to maxis. pretty slow compare to streamyx, almost like using dial up. but what to do beggars can choose, just in case I shift again so with streamyx troublesome. counting down 18 more months in the maxis contract 🙁

  3. hobbyracingtune says:

    I have already registered the maxis broadband. I found its really true when the speed of downloading is so poor. The speed better if you’re in HDSPA coverage or 3G. Anyway i can view the web anywhere as long there is Maxis signal. I think all the broadband’s provider not really provide good services to its customer. All they want is making more profit with more customer and the services is questionable…they all are the same…….

  4. CincauHangus says:

    well, u got to accept the point that maxis’ broadband is wireless. not wired. there’s other environment factors that will disrupt signal. Heck, even placement of ur speakers near the wireless modem can disrupt the signal.

    but back to the point, maxis caps p2p and bt traffic but not other traffic. VPN may work if you wouldn’t mind spending a little more.

    If you were to use maxis broadband in the city (eg: lowyat) you’ll get about 1.5 mbps because of hsdpa. so really, depends where you are and your surrounding structures + objects.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    We never did. At least people around Klang Valley has more options. Other areas that do not have other better options will have to stick to Streamyx, no matter how BS the service is.

    What China software? Tuotu? I can’t read Chinese so it’s tough for me to know what’s going on with the program.

    Hmmm…when you talk about it then I remember reading something like that — after midnight the line is somehow faster.

    I also planned to get one of those mobile broadband previously but luckily didn’t. I tried their demo at megamall and giant the other day — blardy slow. Not much faster than dialup really.

    It isn’t really 4G. It is “4G”. No idea how the speed/reliability is though.

    The quality of broadband networks in Malaysia will never improve if they stick to their current mentality. WiMAX is supposedly coming out next year and much faster than what they have now. Let’s see if that is just another BS joke.

    Oh, didn’t know that some objects will affect the connection. Anyway, even if some areas like Lowyat has better quality connection, it only remains at that areas. What we need is to have a wider and faster coverage. Something that I don’t see happening in the near future (if ever).

  6. Freethinker says:

    LOL… anyway, mine is the MAXIS USB Braodband, it is not bound by the 3GB rule. P2P software is not welcomed exactly in the sense that during day time ( non 1 am to 6 am ) , it shuts the door right up for all P2P. Well… that’s the con, but since the major point I like is its portability, so it weights a lil better than the con ( P2P lar )…. yeah, will be cutting off streamyx next month… nowadays… I’m a streamyx user until 1 am then I’m a Maxis user until 7 am, then I’m back to streamyx again… HAHHAHA… until i cut off streamyx next month

  7. hanneng says:

    I understand your points of capping p2p bandwidth, but we also must understand why some ISPs need to capped p2p bandwidth. As you will know, p2p bandwidth (BT) can consumes a lot of international bandwidth, when Malaysia pay expensive dollars to buy international lines.

    In order to “by-pass” telco’ bandwidth throttling, actually, you can do some tricks, to get decent BT download speed.

  8. Joey lee says:

    sweden? 50mbp? r u kidding? I used to stay in korea everyhouse in korea got 100mbp line. that was really fantastic. downloading one movie needs just 10min thats why korean people dont try download they just delete movie immedialtly after click because they might finish their watching movie haha. korea is the fastest country in the world. ah there are two broadband providers in korea. they offer wide coverage sevice. so many korean young people web surf when they drive a car or subway that means that is the real broadband which can surf while it is moving even 80km per/hour

  9. Jajabink says:

    Joey, yeap your rite korea have 100mbp everyhomes,for malaysia to get 4mbp leased line cost me around MYR 80k – 200k per year.

  10. Kelvin says:

    Maxis broadband is getting me sicked and mad.The downloading speed is sooooo poor !! Anyway,using Maxis broadband would be a risk.

  11. Syafiq says:

    try to use internet download manager at
    you can get the download speed up to 100kbs.

  12. cookies says:

    The truth is, maxis is using that policy as excuses that they have a really bad service, sometime it could take me to 3 minute to just open, and I’ve never use any p2p program, and please know that I’ve subscribed with 3.6Mbps package for RM 138/Mth that should give me at least 60 kB/s download, instead of pathetic 10.xx kB/s…

    3GB for 30 days? That 100MB per day, for someone that often to watch vids on YouTube and other streaming/flashy site such as Myspace, it could be up to 250MB per day,

    1 minute on youtube will cost about 2.5MB (depend on quality of the vids), average length is 5 minute, that will be 12.5MB / 5 minute, just imagine someone on youtube for 2 hours,… that will be 150MB, plus streaming radio or mp3, averagely will be 5MB per song… and that certainly be more than 3GB/mth..

    Policy yang berat sebelah…

  13. cookies says:

    I wonder what actually they mean by saying “Unlimited Broadband”

    and sorry for my grammar, I didn’t finish my highschool, but good enough for someone like me…lol

  14. Maxis Broadband says:

    A warning from one consumer to another:


    If you love your kids, don’t let them use Maxis broadband.
    Kids who surf slower, learn slower and with the added pressure from having an unstable internet connection and constant disconnection could lead them to having suicidal tendencies at such a young age.


  15. cdw92 says:

    I’m kid and im using maxisBB now ! GOD~!!! damn slow man~!!
    I’m getting a gd HSDPA signal but the ISP is throttling my bandwidth coz i download too much ….LOL! 1st day, the speed was like 1.2Mbps~1.9Mbps(wahooooo~~~^^), but few day later it was like 100kbps~300kbps (fuyoh ~~ T.T). Damn that Fair Use Policy! MaxisBB ! IF you cant keep up with broadband users today then don’t start your broadband service at the 1st place! …..I wonder who is the stone age man here, me or maxis ?????

  16. Cool says:

    Below is the reply from Maxis BB when I complain their slow browsing speed. Bullshit! What to do, no choice in Malaysia…

    Dear Sir,

    Pursuant to our telephone conversation, we wish to affirm that there was no irregularity found within the network during this time.

    On a separate note, we wish to advise that Maxis are currently undertaking a massive upgrade of our 3G and broadband network, both in terms of coverage and capacity. It will take a while before our customers can feel the impact, but we are definitely committed to providing a good customer experience.

    While mobile broadband is great from a mobility perspective, wireless broadband technologies (be it 3G/HSPA, WiMax or any other technology) are subjected to some technical limitations that does impact the user experience. Specifically, these are:

    Wireless technologies cannot guarantee speeds, as they are based on a shared bandwidth system.
    That means that the total capacity available in a radio site/base station is shared between the users that are simultaneously accessing this site.
    Wireless technologies cannot guarantee minimum speeds since it will always be subjected to the number of users at a particular time.

    In addition, the user speed for wireless technologies is dependent on the distance from the site and the signal loss within a specific building
    As closer the user is to a site, he will enjoy better speeds
    House construction also plays a role. Built material e.g. steel frames, concrete and tinted windows reduce speed within a house quite rapidly, even if the signal is strong just outside the house.

    Finally, wireless broadband radio sites literally ‘shrink’ with traffic, i.e., the radius of sites gets smaller, causing speeds to vary

    The above is a big challenge for service providers on mobile broadband, as the more successful we are in terms of subscriber base, the more the average speed for users could drop. Hence, this is the focus of our ongoing network upgrade, as we strive to ensure that indoor coverage is stronger, more capacity is delivered to the radio sites and higher downlink and uplink speeds are provided, to enhance on the average user experience.

    We fully recognize that this explanation does not help you with your current performance issues and experience but we had wanted to highlight that there will always be certain constraints for wireless technologies. As a service provider, we are definitely clear about this and committed to our upgrade program and focus.

    We hope to have your kind understanding and continued support while we worked towards improving on our customer’s user or service experience.

    Yours sincerely,
    Noor Azila Shaari
    Customer Relations Unit
    Customer Operations


  17. DIN says:

    I have been using Maxis broadband for almost a year. Fisrt when using it. It was Ok. After month by month the connection started reduce. Just imagine from HSDPA 5 bars drop to 1 bar. Sometimes have to change to GPRS when suddenly the connection cut.

    When I complaint through email I received a very embrassing stupid Malaysian answer ” Your usage of the connection are over limit”

    So is this what I get for a unlimited connection which I have to pay RM138 per month?.

  18. mady says:

    Well, I just arrived here in Malaysia. (Foreigner here) ANd knowing nothing of Maxis or any broadband provider, I opted for the cooler looking usb modem. Maxis.

    At first it was fast, about 1.5 mpbs. I thought, It’s not 3.5 but its ok. Then it started. My download speed was throttled to 10 kbytes/s.

    After googling, I found this blog. Good thing I’m not the only one. Is there a halfway decent alternative for Maxis? I am just terribly disappointed with the network here.

    Back in my country, (PH) if the download speed dipped to 40 kbytes/s. People are already angry and switch to the competitor. And this if for a 384 kbps connection. (The slowest plan)

    I just want to say, Yes. It is wrong for them to sell 3.5 Mbps and provide 100 Kbps. Is there a malaysian law which protects consumers from this type of propaganda by the broadband providers?

    I just hope they improve their service

  19. TenthOfMarch says:

    You can try out Celcom Broadband. There is also P1 Wimax but the coverage is still quite limited at the moment.

    You will need to read the fine prints though. Most (if not all) Wireless Broadband in Malaysia currently has some limit on the amount of bandwidth you can enjoy a month before they start throttling your line. They call it “Fair Use Policy”.

    P1 Wimax does have this limit as well but do check out their business package. It is slightly more expensive than the other packages they offer but that business package do not have a bandwidth limit imposed on your in a month.

    When all else fails, I hate to say this but Streamyx does seem like a better option SOMETIMES. It depends on your luck really. There are areas where the line is fast but some others where it is extremely slow.

  20. Meow! says:

    Hi… Actually i found a solution of slow speed. Try to call the customer service once a week to request them to reset your location. Just tell them you are experience slow browsing. They will do it and required you to shut the modem off for 15 mins. After that, you will be able to gain higher speed.

    3.6Mbps? My A**!!! I never get this speed since day 1 I used this service. Actually, 1 Mbps is quite sufficient for me but never even get to that speed sometimes. Starbuck sharing 1Mbps with about 15 to 20 user is even faster!

    I am actually disappointed with Maxis! Few days ago, I couldn’t even open! What a shame! I call and get lots of misleading information! So my I walk into Maxis Centre @ KLCC and make a big complaint!

    1. Misleading Information given by Customer service.

    2. 3Gb quota? What is the different when I get the same speed even though below the 3Gb quota. Is this so called “FAIR USAGE POLICY”? I think is unfair to consumers. I realize they have taken out 3.6Mbps in their campaign.

    3. Maxis Website Feedback form is useless. Sometimes can’t even send any feedback. Maybe too many mail till the mail box full! Full of complain. Alternatively, you can send via email to: if you want fast feedback.

    4. Actually I have option to cancel the service before the contract due. Once you complaint about your case and unsatisfied, you will not have to pay the RM200 penalty. I know my rights! If they denials about this, refer to Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA)I guess they are able to help.

    5. Service of Customer Service is rubbish! They gave misleading information and not well equip with proper knowledge. I always call twice or more if the first customer service tell me “UPGRADING” I will make sure I get uniform answer. Otherwise, I will report the issue. Remember when you call Customer Service you will hear,

    “The call will be recorded for training purpose…. bla bla”

    So, I will do the same. whenever I call i will record the call and upon the Customer Service greet me, I will say,

    “This call is recorded for further action if misleading information is given by you!”

    This way, the customer service will be shocked and assist me carefully.

    Final word:
    “Maxis owned a satellite in the sky, but service provided is a not as high as the sky!”

    p/s: I love the dialog! Will forward that to customer service! hehehe!

    Manager: I am sorry sir but you will have to stop eating now.

    You: Huh? I thought buffets are for me to eat as much as I can?

    Manager: Yes, sir. However, you have been eating too much, more than what we can afford you to eat. In fact, you are eating other customer’s portion. You really have to stop now, sir.

    You: Shut up. I am going for that turkey over there. Try stopping me if you can.

    [At this point, the manager calls 5 security guards and straps you to your chair preventing you from eating anymore food.]

    Manager: I will bring you your dessert and bill. Thank you very much. Do come and dine in our wonderful buffet restaurant again.

  21. james rovel says:

    yeah MAXIS SUCKS!!!!! I m really piss off with their services. montly not exceed 3 gig. This is nuts! we all feel cheated by this maxis tycoon.

    Guys! don’t consider maxis services, I have been using it for 3 years, I piss off for 3 years.

    Really a TIPU company. I hope someone really give them a big punch. Even their staff did not believe their own company’s product.

    I know you all agree this. I am still looking for good internet connection service. It seams most of them almost the same.

    Talk is nice but do another way.


  22. 김용화(Kim Yong Hwa) says:

    i hate maxis “mylaunchpad” website. it keep pooping up , like a one time i want to sign in to the PTPTN portal and the mylaunchpad portal keep appearing =_= now thats is stupid rite? its smthing that is really important to u , but the fcuking mxis make shit out of it =_= . sooner or later all website will be redirected to myfckinglunchpad =_=. oh yeah bout the quotas there was a time when they limit the usage like crazy after quota cannot surf 100% stop ur service until u buy quota , but now its a bit better but the speed says 128kbps =_= the download won’t even go above 10.. =_=
    although with the quota i can get up to 4mbps , its nice , but it won’t last long =-= .. and the quota thingy its like not accurate i just used 250 mb well i think soo it already said i’m using 2gb =_= fuck ! no thats is just shit rite? they really cheat customer one , but wad to do , maxis is the best bb for me now , i wish i can get the p1 w1max office edition that would be nice no quota !!!!!!!!!!!!! the speed is 1.2mbps , its better cz the speed is a lot more stabler !!

  23. Huzaifah says:

    I am using maxis broadband currently, and I’ve been using it for more than 1 year, when the quota is not finished, it will be around 170 KB/s download speed and it takes less than 5 minutes to upload 15 mb to youtube. But after the quota is over, the download is only like 4 KB/s maximum and sometimes 799 bytes per second, yes, bytes not kilobytes!! This is the problem I’m having with maxis broadband. After the quota is over, sometimes it takes more 3 minutes to open google, but most of the time when the quota is over, it takes 1 second to load google and 3 seconds to load facebook. So at first when the quota is not over, I just watch videos, download videos (I’m too excited) and surf, but when the quota is over, I just surf the web (It is not so slow) and go to google and facebook (I also do it when the quota is not over). When I first bought the maxis, the person in the booth said that I must download a file that is less than 3 gb or the speed will be lower. They didn’t say we can use 3 gb a month!! They said I must download a file that is less than 3 gb, so I thought it was ok because I don’t download files that are more than 3 gb, I only download files that are around 5 mb, sometimes very big as 700 mb. After some days, I realised that the internet is slower, so I called the maxis centre, they said that my quota is over and I can use 3 gb a month!! So I asked the same person in the booth that told me that I can download a maximum of 3 gb for one single file that you told me that I can download 3 gb per file and he said that the plan has been changed and now you can use 3 gb a month (download and upload) and I took maxis in November 2009!!

  24. GoalandLife says:

    Why is there a “FAIR USAGE POLICY”??

    Is there an UNLIMITED ACCESS????

    I mean,,,unlimited access on internet… No STUPID BULLSHIT FUCKING VOLUME QUOTA…

  25. frustrated maxis bb user says:

    Maxis is not providing the service good enough. Try to go to the and register yourself as the maxis bb user, then monitor and keep track of your daily usage by refering to your modem IP, then compare with the one shown in mylaunchpad, and you will know that the data usage shown on the mylaunchpad is not true as what you track it manually by looking at your modem usage data at

  26. Adoilahabau says:

    1.5GB pakage for RM48.. and i use it for just 1 day.. finish aleady.. hahaha.. then the BS come.. log to google for 3min.. to gain back the speed i must topup back the qouta for minimum RM28..
    x 30day= TO BS….. before 1week i plan to trow back this BB and get my money back.. BSxBS=BSTD.

  27. Digitalifeless says:

    Hah, I’m reply to an article wrote on years 2007. And yet the problem stays the same. DAMN THE FAIR USAGE POLICY!!! DON’T HAVE BIG HARDWARE DON’T PROVIDE SERVICE LAR DAMMIT!!! Speed is great, after hit the quota is not.

  28. frustrated maxis bb user says:

    It took me nearly 45mins waiting to cancel the damn maxis bb, with the damn crowded branch office and they still need back my old zte modem, what for they still need it back since they are not offering this modem to any bb package, if not they will charge me if I not return it in 3 months. What the hack is this?! All package now already come with free modem and they still need mine back.

  29. i hate over quota says:

    i heard someone said that after over quota,there is a way to hack the speed like normal speed by using some software,do u guys have any idea with this?
    and do u guys know sometimes when u keep restarting connection and u’ll get the normal high speed?last time i’d tried and it works for a whole day until i logout my pc,but now..only works on bout 10-15mins..
    i do really hate the maxis broadband when it was over quote,is super duper slow..

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