How To Increase BitComet Torrent Download Speed

I bumped into Felix Ker’s post on how to speed up torrent downloads a while back. The guide provided to speed up your torrent downloads on popular torrent clients such as BitComet and uTorrent is available. Since my uTorrent download is stable but slow, I tested it on uTorrent instead of BitComet.

You will need to do some tweaking so be ready. You will need to setup your uTorrent client, router and computer network settings. Don’t worry, the post provides a complete walkthrough so you won’t miss anything.

After completing the setup, I tried downloading some torrent files but sadly, there was no noticeable increase in download speed. Before the change, my downloading with uTorrent usually max out at about 20kb/s. After the change, it was about the same.

I have no idea why it didn’t work out for me. My downloads with BitComet can reach up to 40+kb/s. The problem is that downloading using BitComet causes my Internet connection to drop occasionally. Anyway, I hope it works for you.

14 thoughts on “How To Increase BitComet Torrent Download Speed

  1. Angie Tan says:

    Hmmmm… Which ver of BitComet are you using?

    I’ve been using the latest 0.93 and so far, my line has not dropped. There has been some issues with memory leaks which cause the app to sap up all your memory but that has been improved.

    Anyway, my speeds are ok. Anything above 1kbps is not bad for me. LOL!

  2. River of Karma says:

    you’re missing out the most important fact – ISP’s are regulating the stream of TCP(/IP) carrying large quantities of media information.

    Unless someone can come up with a way to connect to the internet without the need to connect through TM, all these cupcake tutorials are going to give you nothing but fluff.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    Are you using a router? I read some brand of router has limited connections or something. If your Bitcomet is set to use more connections than what your router can handle, your network will be affected. Try searching more info on that.

    @Angie Tan
    I am using BitComet 0.91. My speed can reach 40+kb/s with BitComet but it drops occasionally. Not sure if an upgrade will solve it.

    @River of Karma
    You have a point there. To avoid throttling, try out CincauHangus’ tip. On the other hand, the tips shared in the article is to help optimize your torrent client so that it can fully utilize the connection speed (however fast or slow it is).

    Haha. I read that before. If we’re really downloading a lot, it should be worth it. RM30 extra if seldom download quite waste.

  4. River of Karma says:

    I get VPN…what I dont get is why I have to pay extra to be able to do what I should be able to do with my 1mb streamyx conn in the first place.

    im paying full bill every month so they can throttle my bandwith is sheer stupidity.

  5. TenthOfMarch says:

    @River of Karma
    Yeah, I get what you mean. Too bad that our local broadband providers are not providing us with the type of service that we want. I wonder how long will this go on. We are already miles behind others.

  6. Alex Couts says:

    Weird, Im downloading a huge file bout 600mb at 400kbps+/sec and surfing. I am using bitcomet 1.00

  7. lang says:

    how about flashvpn… is the same like strongvpn? please some one answer me coz i want to signup with flashvpn coz they are cheap than strongvpn.


  8. Amar says:

    I have tried to download two big files namely:

    1) Counter strike(A 3D shooting and rp game) of about 300 MB
    2) Autodesk 3D studios Max 2009 of aboutv 908.17 MB

    It tooks days to make the download 100% for both but at last I found
    what nothing the download failed my download for days laststed to nothing. So I dont download heavy files using BITCOMET or DOWNLOADLOAD MANAGER these softwares I think so are not made to download large sized files.
    So beware to download heavy files using such softwares.

    If I had said something wrong in the above statement please do forgive me.


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