Wii Remote Jacket To Prevent Wii From Slipping Off

Some have reported that their Wii remote slipped off their hand while playing the Wii. I guess the entire concept of the Wii remote may be so new that even the developers did not think that this problem will arise earlier. Who would have thought that a game remote will require a hand grip, right?

However, when you think of how the Wii remote is being used to play games like golf and tennis where it requires the player to swing the remote “wildly”, it really is a no brainer thing. Rackets and golf sticks have handle grips, why not the Wii?

Nintendo announced a new free Wii Remote jacket accessory. It enhances grip levels of the Wii remote to prevent it from slipping off. This new addon will be available in the middle of October. All new purchases after that should receive a free Wii remote jacket when they buy a Wii. Current Wii owners can order their Wii remote jacket for free at wii.com or Nintendo.com.

[Via joystiq]

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