MyBlogLog Implements Yahoo Sign-In

I occasionally check my MyBlogLog stats to see the number of offsite clicks. It is good to know which links that attracted the most interest among my readers. That way, I get to tune my writing to encourage more click-throughs to the website or blog that I intend to write about.

MyBlogLog requires a Yahoo login ID

This is when I noticed that MyBlogLog has implemented a Yahoo sign-in. I thought to myself, “Wow. Yahoo has just bought over MyBlogLog. I must blog about this ASAP.” Thank goodness that I searched for more information on this. It seems that this is stale news and that Yahoo was reported having interest to purchase MyBlogLog even in January this year.

I sort of hate it when things like this happen. It is just that I have to do something extra before I can continue using the service. I still have no idea when is the official date of this MyBlogLog purchase. Why did the implementation of the Yahoo login too so long?

4 thoughts on “MyBlogLog Implements Yahoo Sign-In

  1. Jys says:

    ya, image needs to be re upload, profile some how not able to updated successfully, screen name automatically changed, and u can’t changed back… argggghhhhhh!!!!!

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