Contest: Win Free Hosting And Domain Name

Our Make Money diva has started a Go Dot Com contest where you can win a one year free web hosting or a domain name. Seven lucky contestants will be selected and her readers will be voting for their favorite blog post. The top two will win the one year free hosting while the other five will get a free domain each.


One of the requirements for you to join this contest is that you must have a “nicely maintained blog on a free hosting”. From what I understand, only those running a blog in free hosting (eg. blogspot, livejournal, etc) can participate in this contest. Check with Lilian for more details.

What you need to do:

You need to write a post about 200 words on why you think blogging is beneficial. There is also one paragraph given that you need to quote. That’s it! If you are blogging from a free blog host service, this is a great opportunity to get your own domain or to host your own blog on a self paid server.

Closing date is on 10th October 2007. There is still plenty time so prepare your best post now.

3 thoughts on “Contest: Win Free Hosting And Domain Name

  1. Bob Butane says:

    It’s nice that she’s looking for people who are already on free hosting. This gives a good leg-up for those doing well on nothing, and isn’t that the spirit of America?

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