U Comment I Follow, After X Comments

The old dofollow plugin will remove the nofollow tag from the comments. This is a good way to encourage people to comment because it provides a linkback to the person’s blog or website. There are advantages and disadvantages of this plugin. One of the negative impacts is that removing the nofollow tag may invite more spammers to your blog.

The upgraded dofollow plugin developed by AllPassion takes care of the problem above. With this new plugin, the nofollow tag will only be removed after an individual has commented at least 10 times. Note that this number can be changed by editing a variable in the plugin file.

I am thinking of joining this U Comment I Follow movement as well. I am still considering. Anyway, if you want to activate this plugin, you can get one of the U Comment I Follow badges from Randa Clay. Tell the others you have removed the nofollow tag and (hopefully) see an increase in comments.

Have you activated the dofollow plugin? If you haven’t, why aren’t you willing to activate it? Would you activate it if I were to activate it? U Activate, I Activate 😛

[Via Ankesh Kothari]

11 thoughts on “U Comment I Follow, After X Comments

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Ah Pek
    No problem. I hope you can succeed in your banner ad selling!

    Haha. Wow, I didn’t notice you have a PR5. Hmmm…it’s true also. Too many outgoing links may affect the PR. I wonder if there are any high PR blogs that use the dofollow plugin.

    Hahahha. If I no follow you no comment meh?

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  3. Jessica says:

    Dofollow is good but unfortunately as Google continues to refine their algorithm to discount spammy links and moves toward semantic search, and considering that most blogs have a low pagerank, I don’t foresee the benefit of do follow links continuing much longer. I also think this will contribute to Google losing relevance as eventually the only search results you will get are for mega conglomerate organizations that have been around forever.

  4. Reiki says:

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