10GB Hosting Starting From RM25

Advertisement is a good thing. Not only that the blogger putting up the advertisement earns some money from it but both the blogger and the readers get to discover new products and services occasionally.

I was blog hopping yesterday and I saw an advertisement on Google Adsense about this 10GB hosting starting from RM25. It immediately caught my attention and I went ahead to check it out. 10GB web hosting starting from just RM25

I have seen many ads on Adsense from countless web hosting companies out there but this is the first time I have heard of Curious, I did a whois on the domain name and found out that it was only registered early this month. No wonder it doesn’t even have a page rank or alexa score!

Anyway, it pans out that the RM25 for a 10GB hosting is only for 3 months. It costs RM85 for a 12 months plan. It has a 50GB bandwidth limit, which is quite a lot. One thing that I am totally amazed is that this plan allows up to 10 addon domains. That is hell-of-a-bargain! I currently have to pay an extra RM15 for an addon per year and have already added on two domains. *sigh* I hope I can strike a good deal with my current web hosting company to give me a discount or something. ;-) I am planning on getting more on board.

Anyway, considering the stuffs you get for just RM85, I would say it is a good deal. However, since it is a new company, there will be no guarantee whatsoever on the service. I’d still say you can give a try. They provide a 30 days money back guarantee so you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with it.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just find quite an interesting new company and decide to plug it. I wonder if the boss, Shahzan Nizar would give me a free account for this free review. Do you think I deserve a free account? LOL. *wink wink*

10 thoughts on “ 10GB Hosting Starting From RM25

  1. KennyP says:

    There is two reason make me or anyone else should not choose this company: it is overselling and really really new.

    BTW, they should really consider to give your a free account in exchange of free advertising on your blog if they are really a good hosting. :D

  2. proson says:

    I agree with KennyP. but it is quite normal after all. cheap cheap and cheap. price rules for consumer point of view : ) anyway, wish you well with your new blog hosting.

  3. Shahzan says:

    I was thrilled to read your post. You deserve a free account at However, thinking if others blog about SeniHost and get a free account, I will not stay for long :(

    But.. I can offer a 20% recurring discount :) I welcome you to Just email me, and I set it up for you right away. Which plan do you prefer?

    Wishing you best of luck.


  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Well, if you notice, most web hosting providers oversell. They need to. There are a few posts I have read in the past discussing about this. To me, it is nothing bad. Most important factor to me is the speed and reliability of the servers. Of course, customer support. hehe :-)

    True. At the end it is the price. Also speed, reliability and support.

    Ah, you found this post :-) Well, of course you can’t give free discounts to everyone who blogs about you. But considering that I am the first, maybe I deserve it? ;-) hehe.

    Anyway, I have plans to expand a few more blogs maybe. Still considering. Taking up a new hosting now would not be the best solution for me. I’ll contact you, maybe we can strike a deal or something.

  5. KennyP says:

    Overselling is a bad thing for me, because most of the overselling hosts will start to act unreasonably when you trying to utilise the resources that actually not available.

    For example, you may get suspended at no reason when you are one of the high usage customer, even you never utilise half of your space or bandwidth.

  6. TenthOfMarch says:

    I agree on the part where they may suspend your account or request you to upgrade your account when you have never used up their space or bandwidth (that’s if they give you crazy amounts like 10GB / 50,000GB).

    However, we need to know that there are difference between a shared hosting account and a semi-D or VPS, etc. There is always a “limit” on the processor and bandwidth that we can use at one time. If your site has crazy amounts of traffic, I doubt many hosting providers would allow you to use a shared hosting.

  7. Yati Ahmad says:

    Dear Shahzan,

    I hope you are the person behind, anyway I must let you know that your services through is very poor (horrible in fact).

    Here are few examples:

    Trouble tickets sent was not attended to,other then the automated reply one received when after issuing support requests. There are no more followups after the initial the issues.

    You are not transparent enough in your business i.e. critical information such as authorization codes to transfer domain should be made available to the domain owner or easily provided when requested.

    Your system is not reliable, to date your server has been down for 5 days starting from 5th March 09 until today 9th March 09 and no effort had been made to rectify this, but you have the guts to tell all your clients to re-register with your new hosting package because your current hosting is having technical problems and their hosting services e.g. web, emails will be unavailable.

    I’ve send few requests to transfer my domain but you never responded and your listed phone number on your website is useless, it is not in service at all!.

    And to top it all, I got to know about your hosting services i.e. Senihost through one of your friend, what a shame.

    My advice, if you a thinking of building and running a professional business do it properly with honesty, dignity and diligence it will take you far in your business. I hope you are still young with a lot of room for improvement.

    Last but not least I would like to transfer my domain, please provide me with my authorization codes. You know who I am if you look into your trouble ticket logs.

    Thank you

  8. Yati Ahmad says:

    Apologies for my earlier mistakes, the letter should instead be addressed to Mat Nor the sole surviving owner of Senihost. It got to my attention that Shahzan is no longer with Senihost (good for him, you don’t want to be associated with such a shoddy crowd).

    Well Mat Nor of Senihost, if you are reading this please do something about my request and comments.


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