PayPal Accepts Bank Account From 35 Countries

My previous post on how did you withdraw your PayPal funds has generated some interesting responses. One question that came up from the discussion is whether PayPal accepts E*Trade’s Hong Kong bank accounts. PayPal has no problem accepting E*Trade accounts previously because E*Trade gave its users U.S. bank accounts. However, E*Trade has switched to Hong Kong bank accounts not too long ago.

I checked PayPal’s website and retrieved a list of bank accounts from 35 countries that are accepted by PayPal. The 35 countries are as follow.

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. French Guiana
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Guadeloupe
  14. Hong Kong
  15. Hungary
  16. Ireland
  17. Italy
  18. Japan
  19. Martinique
  20. Mexico
  21. Netherlands
  22. New Zealand
  23. Norway
  24. Poland
  25. Portugal
  26. Reunion
  27. Singapore
  28. South Korea
  29. Spain
  30. Sweden
  31. Switzerland
  32. Taiwan
  33. Thailand
  34. United Kingdom
  35. United States

If you reside in one of the countries above, you can choose to withdraw your PayPal funds into your local bank or into a U.S. bank account.

PayPal accepts Hong Kong bank account

Since Hong Kong is one of the countries that PayPal accepts, I believe you can still transfer your PayPal funds into the given Hong Kong bank account by E*Trade. I have never used E*Trade so I may be wrong. Please correct me if I made a mistake.

Select your country from the list in this page to check whether PayPal accepts your bank account from your country. Happy making money online!

4 thoughts on “PayPal Accepts Bank Account From 35 Countries

  1. wong says:

    But the thing is, when clicking the “Add a bank” button, it insist me to fill in a US bank account, I can’t choose. The credit card I used to verify PayPal was Malaysia credit card though…

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    It’s a country I think. I have never heard of it though. Try searching for it.

    Hmmm…I think I know what is happening. That means that PayPal accepts Hong Kong bank accounts only if you are from Hong Kong. So, PayPal only accepts U.S. bank accounts for Malaysians. Sorry for the misunderstanding 🙂

    Yup. Really unfortunate. This is probably due to the number of fraud cases in the past.

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