PlayBoy: My First Referral From BlogRush

Checking my blog stats is something I do daily hourly more than once in an hour. Yeah, I am vain. So what?

Anyway, that is when I noticed a referral link from BlogRush. BlogRush? BlogRush?

BlogRush send first visitor due to PlayBoy title

Yes, BlogRush. I didn’t even think that BlogRush would be sending any traffic into my blog. Well, at least now I know there is at least ONE referral from BlogRush. I wonder if it was because the title contained the word “PlayBoy” that attracted the visitor. My BlogRush stats shows that there are already three referrals. Anyway, who cares? :-)

Will I continue using it? Well, I don’t plan to ditch it out just yet. After all, they said the low click through rate is due to some people “cheating” the system. However, I don’t expect to be getting much traffic from my low traffic blog.

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