First Snail Mail From Google

My Adsense payment has been put on hold by Google last month. They sent me a pin number to my address that I needed to key in. This is part of their security measures taken to protect their publishers.

I got a mail from Google yesterday. To my excitement, it contained the PIN number that I needed. Upon reaching home, I immediately launched my Adsense account to key in the PIN number. That is when I see the screenshot below.

Adsense error message while entering PIN number

*sigh* I hope the support team is working on this error. I have no idea what it is. I hope it doesn’t affect my account in anyway.

Good news to myself. My Adsense earning has surpassed the $100 minimum payout. If I am not mistaken, I will only be receiving my check end of November due to this payment hold. I can almost see my Nikon D40x already. WooHoo! But first, I will need to decide on a method to withdraw my PayPal earnings.

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