A Safe Method To Watch PlayBoy At Work

I stumbled upon this great gadget called Privacy Enhanced Computer Display developed by the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories. This article isn’t new (the date of modification is six years ago) but I find this gadget to be very interesting and is something that I would wish to have.

The privacy enhanced computer display isn’t your ordinary desktop monitor. When you look at it with your bare eyes, all you can see is flickering grey images. You will need to wear a special pair of glasses to view the actual images displayed on the monitor. Below is a quote from the website on how this device works.

The display alternately displays the desired information in one field, then the inverse image of the desired information in the next field, at up to 120 Hz refresh. The ferroelectric shutter glasses allow only the desired information to be viewed, while the inverse image causes unauthorized viewers to perceive only a flickering gray image, caused by the persistence of vision in the human visual system.

This device was initially designed for use in public place such as hospitals, banks, pharmacies and government departments. In those places, confidential information displayed on a monitor is at risk of being exposed to onlookers. Therefore, the implementation of this device protects data security and ensures only staff members are able to view the data.

So, why would I want a device like this?

A safe method to watch PlayBoy
* Image taken and edited from the privacy enhanced computer display website and Kukujiao.com *

2 thoughts on “A Safe Method To Watch PlayBoy At Work

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    Haha. Don’t tell me you never have the idea. Then we don’t need to worry about others seeing what we are doing at work. You can work while watching a DVD as well. hahaha.

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