John Cow With A New Cow-abanga Theme

John Chow’s evil moo-twin, John Cow has a new theme in place. I was expecting him to copy John Chow’s new theme but he didn’t. The new Cow 2.0 theme is a one of a kind theme for a pimped up cow.

John Cow new theme header

The new header saw him retiring the two cows found in the previous design. The cows were replaced with cars with custom cow skin paintjobs. How intelligent.

John Cow new theme sidebar

Check out the mutated cow feed button. Looks ok to me. Ah, Mr Chow was right there before me. I wonder what he has to say about the new theme.

John Cow new theme comment

Moving further down, the comment area was redesigned as well. Notice the mutated cow submit button.

John Cow new theme footer

Ahhh…want some milk?

One thing I feel needs to be changed is the font type and size used in the sidebar and footer. It looks inconsistent to the ones used in the post area. Apart from that, the words are harder to read. Overall, an OK theme.

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