Why I Like To Make Money Online With Blogitive

I have been writing for Blogitive for a few weeks now. From my experience, they are one of the best places a person with a small blog can start from if they want to make money online. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of Blogitive.


  • Standardized requirements of 100+ words.
  • No limit on number of posts a blogger can reserve in a day.
  • No limit on number of posts a blogger can write in a day.
  • An offer can be completed within 48 hours, giving more time for the blogger.
  • The time left before a post expired is displayed at the offer screen.
  • Pays through PayPal weekly.


  • So far, each post’s payout is $5 only.
  • I notice whenever offers are available, they come in droves. That means offers are grabbed by the same individuals that are online at that moment and are not shared equally among the rest.
  • Requires two non-sponsored posts between any of their offers.

They can overcome the second disadvantage by setting a maximum offer a blogger can reserve at any given time. For example, an individual can reserve up to two offers each time. After the offer has been completed, another offer can be reserved. That way, it prevents any individual from holding up too many offers at a time.

I have personally experienced holding up to five offers but ended up only able to finish three within the 48 hours period 😛 If you think that is a lot, I currently have 10 offers on hold. There are at least five others that I ignored simply because I doubt I can finish even the ones I have in hand.

Have you tried out Blogitive? What are your experience with it? Any tips or rants about it? Mind to share?

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

6 thoughts on “Why I Like To Make Money Online With Blogitive

  1. Ah Pek says:

    I was among the first batch of bloggers to write for Blogitive. I gave up becuse:

    it pays only 5 bucks

    needs 2 interim posts

    opps are often repetitive, making very boring.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    They release the offers around the clock. It is very hard to predict when. The bad thing is when they start releasing offers, they do it all at ones. Combine that with the fact that we can reserve an unlimited number of offers means that the offers are taken up by the same group of people that was online at that time. I guess I just got lucky a few times.

    @Ah Pek
    It is true. One of the disadvantage as I mentioned above is that they pay only $5 per post. Since it’s only 100+ words it should be ok. However, $5 isn’t very attractive to more veteran bloggers like you. That is why I understand the reason you drop it. It makes a good place for people like me though. hehe.

  3. anthraxxxx says:

    PayU2blog so far has been the best low paying paid 2 blog platform for me. Most of the pay out is 5 buck per post for 60 words minimum most of the time and they normally come in droves. Posts are always auto approved if you do everything correctly.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    Hmm…that is quite a good deal. I tried applying for it. They sent me an email and I replied and asked a few questions (because their website really not enough info) but until now no reply. I guess they afraid of me already. LOL.

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