Netlynx: Broadband Up To 10Mbps From TIME dotCom

I read that TIME dotCom is providing a broadband service named Netlynx with speeds up to 10mbps. There are four packages available — 2, 4, 6 and 10mbps — costing from RM99 per month up to RM499 per month respectively. They are providing discounts of RM20 to RM30 for each package until the end of this year. The official website for this broadband service is

Netlynx: TIME dotCom broadband 10mbps

The domain name was registered only early this month indicating that this website is in fact very new. After scanning through Netlynx’s official website, I noticed a few improvements that are needed for it.

  • Blue and red are two very strong colors. I am not an expert in color balancing for website designs but my eyes were “hurting” after a brief view of the website. Red text on a blue background is a definite no-no. I understand that TIME dotCom’s official colors are blue and red but that doesn’t mean you need to cover 70% of the website with these two colors.
  • The entire website is a “large banner” consisting of six images. As much as I do not like websites designed entirely in flash, designing an entire page where all the text are embedded in images is worse.
  • There are no information on where or how to subscribe. The contact number of TIME dotCom is not present anywhere in the website. It is like ordering from a menu only to be told by the waiter that none of the items are available.

It is good that more ISPs are giving new alternatives for users. I am not sure if Netlynx is available throughout Malaysia because, you guessed it, this information is not in the website.

[Via: MohdIsmail]

6 thoughts on “Netlynx: Broadband Up To 10Mbps From TIME dotCom

  1. Azmeen says:

    Heh, maybe they just rushed the web site because they issued a press release or something.

    I guess the easiest thing to do is to scan the brochure and upload 😉

  2. ZOmmmmmmaaa says:

    WAH……. only available in those areas?! i thought Sabah pun ada, mana boleh ni?!

    Our west Malaysian friends have all the speeds while we Sabahans only have screamyx that dont even work.

    Haiz….. They even potong a undersea fibre optics cable connecting West Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak be4.

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