How To Check What Plugins Other Bloggers Are Using?

Have you wondered what plugins other bloggers are using? Some bloggers are kind enough to share this information by providing a “plugin list” page. However, most bloggers do not do this. So, how do we extract the list of plugins other bloggers are using if they are not sharing them willingly?

We hack them! go through a backdoor.

I was reading this article on how we can make our WordPress blog safer by putting a blank index.html file in /plugins/ directory. Only then did I realize we can view the list of plugins that are saved by a blogger. This trick will work provided that the blogger did not block the directory in anyway.

Go ahead and try it. Just type and view the list of plugins others are using. You can’t download the plugin directly from the folder. Once you get the file name of the plugin, do a search on Google to find the plugin.

6 thoughts on “How To Check What Plugins Other Bloggers Are Using?

  1. Simon Ward says:

    I am glad my security article gave you some ideas, as mischevious as they may be. Also note that it needs to be a wordpress blog, other blogging platforms will save plug-ins in different folders. Cheers.

  2. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Simon Ward
    LOL. Well, this trick will only work if the owner of the blog did not block access to the plugin folder. I guess another method of replacing the blank index.html file will be to redirect it to a plugin list page, 404 page or the main page.

  3. CincauHangus says:

    it actually depends who can view it. some bloggers add a index.php/html to block people from viewing their plugins or themes as a layer of protection. eg, me. 😛

    but yeah, it’s a good idea to see what people are using,but not every blog’s plugins is viewable. unless they use a plugin called plugin-list to display the plugins used or they mention it somewhere on the blog. =)

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    You have a point. And yes, I did check your plugins as well. Maybe asking will be a better alternative. LOL.

    Hehe. Yeah, I notice you have a page displaying the list of plugins as well. Does it show the plugins you activated only or all?

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