Eatery2U, A Social Network For Food Fetish In Malaysia

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. It doesn’t matter if eating is just a need, a luxury or even a hobby to you, we all have to eat. You may be the adventurous type that looks for new food to satisfy your taste buds all the time. Maybe you are just tired of eating the same old food everyday. I was introduced a website by a friend that may help you find the next best place to dine., a food guide for the best restaurants in Malaysia is a social network website that allows its members to share their favorite restaurants in Malaysia. You start off by registering an account and selecting the type of cuisines that you enjoy — Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western & European, authentic Asian, etc. You can upload photos, fill up your personal details, marital status, hobbies, favorite books, movies and many others, just like a normal social network website.

There are lists of latest eateries, popular eateries and even eateries that are currently having promotion. If you found an eatery that is one of your favorites, you can add them into your favorite eateries list. When other members view your profile, they will be able to see this list. You can try out new restaurants that others have added into their favorite list. If you are unable to find something to your liking, you can post a question asking people to suggest one for you.

If you are just looking for a good place to chill out, they also provide a list of pub, lounge and bar that you may want to take a look at. All this talking about food is making me hungry. Bon appetite! 🙂

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