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Blogitive is yet another great website that allows you to make money online while blogging. It has some similarities and differences compared to the other paid to blog websites. Firstly, your blog needs to be at least 3 months old and have at least 3 posts a week on average. Of course, you will need to have a decent traffic flow. One difference I notice with Blogitive compared to the others is that Blogitive requires you to have at least 2 non-sponsored posts in between their posts.

I have only started writing for Blogitive a couple of days ago. The website loads fairly fast compared to the others that I have joined. However, they do need tweak their designs a little. There are a few codes such as “end #header”, “end #content” and “end #footer” lying around here and there. Below is a screenshot of how an open offer looks like.

Make money online with Blogitive

After you have reserved the offer, it will be listed in the reserved offers list. The problem is that both the open offers and reserved offers list is displayed on the same page. When you have multiple offers in either list, it becomes harder to view each offer because the page becomes very “long”.

In my opinion, they should split both lists into different pages. Secondly, the detail of the offers should be hidden by default. The details will only show when a user clicks on a link or something. That way, the whole page looks more organized.

Despite all that, I personally feel that Blogitive is still a good money making website. If you are blogging for money and have never tried Blogitive, maybe you should take a look.

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  2. mustafa muhammad says:

    This site or page is very dearer to me because of its productivity and usefullness to the humanity

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