Hey You, Douche Bag!

As a blogger, have you encountered people leaving annoying comments in your blog? Have you thought of slamming them back with a reply but didn’t want to look bad doing it?

Travis from Young Go Getter dot com has come up with a nice WordPress plugin named Douche Bag to do the dirty job for you. When the plugin is activated, all you need to do is to append the Douche Bag code onto the person’s comment. When you are done updating the comment, a douche bag will appear by the side of the person’s comment.

Wordpress Douche Bag plugin

This is a sweet and indirect method to tell the person leaving the annoying comment, “Hey, you have been officially labeled as a douche bag!”

7 thoughts on “Hey You, Douche Bag!

  1. mooiness says:

    Hahaha funny in principle but flamers wouldn’t care. In fact, they’d love stirring up shit so this may even just encourage them even more. Normally I’d just mark them as spam and their subsequent comments just go to bin automatically.

  2. lilian says:

    Hahaha, nice plugin idea. But I prefer dedicating a whole post to diss the person (for my own traffic sake). Or some Hokkien cuss words or the f word to drive the message through.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    LOL. Well, it might not work for all cases. However, I do wish this plugin existed when I started blogging. I would love to use it on “Mr J-Lo” and “his twins”. 😉 .

    hehe. I think I’ve seen you doing that a few times. Those buggers better run. LOL.

    Wow. You are the next KennySia then. LOL. Some of his readers also kutuk him but always return.

  4. Valentin says:

    There I see 2 sides of this “issue”.

    First, related to who make the “nasty” comments.

    If the guys are swearing, using slang and so on, ban`em and that`s all. Pointing them with some edit – badge them as whatever it wont stop them until baned. Yet, those are not flamers, are “flamers wanna be”, as known as “trolls”. They are a shame for flamers community (yet some flamers use`em to stir things 😛 ).
    If guys disagree or are vehemently against one`s opinion yet within the normal language limits, eventually ironical, will be wise to treat them with same “currency” and not edit them replys.
    From this point of view, that plugin is on the edge – quite a bit not usefull.

    sidenote – is often used inside flamers communities to make some “changes” to opponent`s outcome, so to make things boil faster. But as a quote, not editing; editing means war and trolls often not “work” alone ..

    Second, from the point of view of both blogger and his main supporters (readers who are friends and ready to “step in” to defend blogger points of view), is far more advantages to fight back, if / as long as blogger have solid background to support his points. Often a such “exchange” is in favour of more traffic and sometime can pull out good ideas for a new post for future days.
    Yet, only until discussions are in the limits of normal language.

    Stand up, compete !
    Language not fit ?
    Ban and delete,
    But don`t edit.

    ps: thanks for the visit 🙂

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