Bloggers Earning Over RM10,000 A Month

Are you skeptical of the ability to make money online through blogging? Haven’t you heard bloggers quitting their day job to blog full time? Just to add a little more jealousy in you, there are even stories of successful “mother bloggers” who probably earns more than your manager. I found two bloggers reporting their earnings for the month of August.

Lilian earned $4,275.50 or over RM14,000 last month

SAMM earned $3,478 or over RM12,000 last month.

How much is your boss earning?

8 thoughts on “Bloggers Earning Over RM10,000 A Month

  1. Horny Ang Moh says:

    I am hopeing that u can also earn that much of money then I hope u can teach me how to earn also! My boss of cause earn much more then that plus all sort of perk! Have a nice day!

  2. lilian says:

    Whee! My five seconds of fame. You have a huge potential with your analytical mind and superb flair in writing. Trust me, everyone can do that, earning USD I mean.

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Horny Ang Moh
    I’m still learning and I do hope I can earn a lot more. Need to put in more effort 🙂 .

    Thanks! Actually, I’m planning to do that. Still thinking of what other things I can blog about. Niche topics and a nice domain name.

    Thanks, lilian. I’m trying my best and still learning the curves of blogging. One day, I hope to be just like you guys.

    Same here. Same here. 🙂

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