Top 6 Websites To Check IP Address

There are many websites available that allow us to check our IP addresses. I noticed that every website has their own unique feature that most of the others do not. When competition is plenty, they need to do that in order to stand out.

Below is the list to the top 6 websites to check IP address.

IP address is shown at the very top. However, the rest of the page is filled with advertisements and unnecessary information.

I have been using this website to check my IP address for quite some time now. The URL is easy to remember and the interface is simple.

This website is simple and nice. It allows you to embed an iframe code into your blog or website thus allowing your visitors (including yourself) to view their IP addresses when they are visiting.

This website integrates with Google map to plot your location based on your IP address.

You can hear your IP address being read out by a recorded male voice.

[Not safe for work!] Turn down your speaker volume before you enter the website (if you haven’t already entered). This website definitely tops the list. If a female voice moaning your IP address to you doesn’t put it on top of the list, I don’t know what else will. & is the brainchild of Matt Myrick.

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