Streamyx Finally Providing Faster Broadband Connection?

TM Net upgraded their services a week ago probably to improve their ailing broadband services (Streamyx). I did not feel any significant performance boost or stability in the past few days. However, the frequency of the line dropping off has reduced slightly. This is when my 3 Steps To Restore A Broadband (Streamyx) Connection still comes in handy.

I did some speed test in between and noted that my connection is fast only when I am allocated with IP addresses that begin with either 218.x.x.x or 219.x.x.x. The 60.x.x.x range has been known to suck big time. I was totally surprised when I did a speed test a while ago on a 60.x.x.x IP address range and got a really fast broadband connection speed.

Test result of Streamyx broadband

Streamyx speed test

I am on the 512kbps package. The usual speed I get on this IP address range is a pathetic 200-300 kbps with a ping time of over 800ms. I wonder if this marks the start towards a better broadband service from Streamyx. I do hope so. I haven’t tested if Streamyx is still cutting off my connection when Bitcomet is running. For this, I hope not.

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  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    I hope this is not just a temporary luxury that I am experiencing. Anyway, I upgraded my package to the 1mb a few months back but there were no difference at all. Called up customer service and they say it could be due to the telephone line in my area that doesn’t support that speed. Not sure how true this is though.

  2. earl-ku says:

    Fuck them la – i am on

    and this is my speed …

    64/38 kbps, with 999 ping time to the new york server …

    its so fucking slow that i cannot load the results

  3. TenthOfMarch says:

    I’ve occasionally checked my speed yesterday and it remains fast — generally 300-500kbps. I hope it stays that way. Maybe they will solve the connection problem in other areas next.

  4. TenthOfMarch says:

    @ah weng
    Wow, that is fast. But try to ping some other server in other country. If you ping the server in KL, it’s a “local” ping. Sure faster one. Now the problem we are all facing is the slower connection to the outside world.

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  6. jordan says:

    hi i want to post that my streamyx speed is at 855kbps on download and 154 on upload but i do not know how to post the pic…im on the 1mb package…

  7. dread says:

    Yeah.. that’s the downloadspeed.. the upload speed max at 40+.. i’m not a computer tech guy.. may be it’s my computer (mac mini).. with 10/100 LAN only.. i tried with my old laptop (a fujitsu also with 10/100 LAN) i can get 60+ kbps doenload ..

    forget to mention.. i use the 512 package

  8. TenthOfMarch says:

    Thanks for sharing. Since you are on the 1mbps package and pinging a local server, I was expecting something faster. Can you try pinging a server in the US and share the result with us? It is always faster accessing local servers compared to overseas servers.

    I am not sure if different computers will affect the connection speed. I hope not. TM Net has a lot to work on.

  9. Txeon says:

    oh ya… oh ya… I remember there is an advertise told that “I download Mp3 finish in few second”. Why don’t they show us the video?

  10. UTN says:

    I am using iZZiNet in KL… I can’t even load the webspage… and my connection shows “100% Excellent Connection”.
    Once I was able to test the KL Server… If I remember corectly, I was able to get download spped up to 200kbps on a 1 Mbps service… Thinking of changing to Streamyx…

  11. Shaun says:

    You guys all got so fast speed… I just tested mine and i got 2kbps only!!! I’m on the 512kbps package… Sucks man

  12. pua chu kang says:

    Well Bro & sis:

    Yo! This maxis really f-king sucks!!!!! I m really piss off with their services. montly not exceed 3 gig. This is nuts! we all feel cheated by this maxis tycoon.

    Guys! don’t consider maxis services, I have been using it for 3 years, I piss off for 3 years.

    Really a TIPU company. I hope someone really give them a big punch. Even their staff did not believe their own company’s product.

    I know you all agree this. I am still looking for good internet connection service. It seams most of them almost the same.

    Talk is nice but doing is another way.

    Cakap pandai sahaja tapi bila but lagi satu jenis!!


  13. Huzaifah says:

    Wah, Streamyx is so fast?? I am using Maxis broadband and there is limit, when the limit is over, the speed is like 1-4 KB/s download and upload very slow. When it’s not over, the speed’s like 170 KB/s download and upload is very fast, it looks like there is no usage limit in Streamyx and I can get this speed all the time!! Do you think I should change to Streamyx 1mbps?? Or 2 mbps or 4mbps?

  14. Madhavan says:

    Huzaifah,if you are happy with Maxis Broadband and you only problem with it is the limit problem,i think you should just stick with Maxis because as you posted before,the speed you currently getting is very fast,i don’t know whether you face line stability problem or not but the speed you getting is good actually.And if you still want to change to Streamyx,i would recommend you to apply the 1 Mbps package.Anyway,it is your choice!

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