WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 Is Out

WordPress LogoThe WordPress team has just released the first beta of WordPress 2.3 for testing. New and updated features of the version 2.3 consists of plugin and core update notification, built-in tags support, faster javascript, and SEO-friendly URL redirection.

You are reminded that version 2.3 is currently still in beta. That means that this version is not stable yet. Bugs and problems are expected to crop up. If you so wished to upgrade and try out the new features, remember to:

  • backup your data nightly
  • check for latest updates and/or bug reports on the wp-testers mailing list
  • report any bugs or problems found while using

Finally, you can download WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 here.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 Beta 1 Is Out

  1. TenthOfMarch says:

    @Mossie`Ol Chin
    Ah? Why leh? It’s like a “breaking news” announcement mah. hehe.

    It’s good to see them starting to integrate common plugins into the core of WordPress.

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